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Rishikesh Yoga Teachers

Training Programs
Yoga is a combination of individual consciousness and the universal spirit.
Knowledge followed from about 5000 years, or more.
Yoga can be done anywhere but the best place is in peace and in the heart
of Mother Nature. The secrets in Mother Nature makes human mind get
relaxed and get in deep contact with the soul and the eternity.

Rishikesh, A place where there is an abundance of nature is also known as

the Worlds capital of yoga. Yogis consider that Rishikesh is the only place
that can give perfect results in the union of mind and soul through yoga.
Alakhyog is a certified yoga teacher training foundation located near the
banks of the spiritually precious and holy mother Ganga River,
Yoga teachers training in Rishikesh in India can be the best destination to
not to just learn yoga but also to touch your inner soul.
The rishikesh Yoga teachers training programs have a full
accommodation packages for people to get the best yoga
knowledge from best yoga instructors.
About Alakhyog yoga teachers training foundation:
A perfect surrounding of the holy water of River Ganges and the
embrace of green Himalaya Mountains, the experience of yoga
reaches the heights of internal happiness and gratitude.
A well organized session for every yoga training such as,
Pranayama, Bandha, mudra, Anatomy and physiology.
Expert teaching methodology and yogic physiologic classes and
philosophy lessons.
Asanas and mantra chanting sessions are also included with
kriya, meditation and yoga nindra knowledge.
An accommodation with perfect guidance with rafting and
trekking excursion.
Pure vegetarian meals and proper rooms with well maintained
Gift from Alakhyog Foundation at Rishikesh:

The Alakhyog YTTC is one of the best yogic training centers for teachers and students.
And there are many reasons as to why we should choose the Alakhyog foundation to
learn yoga.

Alakhyog YTTC believes that guest is like God and eventually teaches the best yogic
knowledge to their students with friendly and full of cultural values and humbleness.

Their traditional approach toward the belief that old id gold is also seen in their
teaching of therapies, discipline, patterns and knowledge that were taught from the

An environment full of sattvik elements of nature and the purity of blissful peace of
mind and heart.

For the removal of emotional blockage is also well taught here. The removal of
harmful elements from the full human body that consist the tantric, mantric and
yantric system.

Over and above the sadhna of ownership and the naturopathy and the removal of
emotional blockage can be very well introduced in its teaching.

As Sanskrit describes Alakhyog YTTC provides the best spiritual elevation and