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Microsoft Partners

Cloud Solution
Provider (CSP)
At a Glance
Whats driving us?
Accelerating rate of technology change Expanding services and sales models
Competition Demand for customer

In this cloud-first, The opportunity

mobile-first world, ahead for
Microsoft is Microsoft is vast,
absolutely but to seize it, we
focused on must focus
empowering clearly, move
people to get faster, and
more done continue to
wherever they transform."
need to and
In a Cloud First
world, partners
want to
Own the customer relationship
Service the complete customer
Attach partner services
Delivers a platform for
The Cloud partners to own the end-
to-end customer
Solution engagement by enabling
Provider (CSP) partners to directly
provision, bill, and
program support Microsoft Cloud
Services for their
CSP enables partners to
Set the price, the
terms and
directly bill
Directly provision and
manage subscriptions

Be the first point of contact

for customer support

Create cloud Set package Place order Offer single

1 subscription +
partner offer
2 price and sell
to customers
3 for Microsoft
Cloud Services
4 packaged
Service the complete customer
Direct Billing Provision and Manage Own Support

Bill monthly if desired Directly provision customer subscriptions First point of contact for all
customer needs
Meet a growing customer With in-product tools, directly manage
expectation of a cloud and modify customer subscriptions Increased touch points help
subscription model identify needs for new services
Speed the sales cycle to get customers and solutions
Build a monthly annuity up and running quickly
revenue stream No need differentiate Partners
support from Microsofts
Manage the end-to-end
customer lifecycle Sell
Transact Manage
Sell Sell Sell
Manage Support
Transact Transact Transact Scale

Advisor EA MPSA Open n CSP
CSP value prop & sales scenarios
Value proposition

Increase reach and

Build profitable Grow revenue and Achieve scale and
grow revenue with
Cloud business retain customers higher margins
bundled solutions

Selling scenarios

Systems Integration Upsell Tablet Exchange

Online, OneDrive for
Managed services Migrations & Deployment Private/Hybrid Cloud



Support services Integrate SaaS ISVs OFFICE 365 OR ONEDRIVE
The IP services
Value based, unique IP. Packaged
Partner profit product services. Valuation.

opportunity Managed services

Billable packaged services. Solutions
and services, as a service. Ongoing annuity.

Project services
Billable hourly-rate services. Work-for-hire
and break/fix Deal-by-deal revenue.
CSP business models which is right
for you?
1-Tier (Direct) 1-Tier 2-Tier
Partners self-select based on criteria and business Direct Indirect
opportunity MSFT MSFT

Partners managed by Microsoft: PSE, Tele, Programmatic Cloud Solution 2T Cloud

Provider Solution
2-Tier reseller option provided partners that don't meet
Drives net new customers via differentiated offers &
2-Tier (Indirect)
Customer Customer
Selective recruitment; stringent criteria assessment
Indirect sales via reseller partners Similar to our traditional channel, we
Partners fill scalability, capacity and capability expect the majority of partners to be
opportunity serviced through the 2-Tier model as
Drives net new customers via differentiated offers &
services //aka.ms/cloudsolutionprovider
Drive new partner recruitment
CSP 1-Tier Partner Capability Requirements (the Four Pillars)
The framework below should be used to drive partner eligibility for the 1-Tier CSP business model. Ensure partners understand and are able to fulfill these
requirements before they make a decision to participate in the 1-Tier CSP program.

Services Business Model Scale

Managed services, customer solutions or applications to bundle with Engines to create demand, grow customers and invest in new
Microsoft Cloud Services. In order to be considered for CSP, partners must capabilities. In order to be considered for CSP, partners must have:
have at least one or these offerings or a comparable equivalent.
Customers & Existing customer base. Upsell & cross-sell
Managed Services IP Services
Reactive Help Desk Support Turnkey BI Portals Offers opportunities
Automated Consumption Monitoring &
User Rights & Account Management
Proactive Backups & Anti-Virus Monitoring Customer Self-Serve Portals Generation Portals, SEO
New Accounts Added & Removed Automated Data Migration & Integration
Managed Access to Email Groups Automated Load Balancing
Performance and Application Troubleshooting SharePoint-Based Vertical Workflows Financial
Desktop & Device Management & Support Middleware for Hybrid Synchronization Ability to invest in support & billing infrastructure
Reports & View Adjustments LOB Application Subscriptions Health
Hybrid Environment Support (Basic Infrastructure) Vertical Solution Subscriptions Partners have plans in place to reach at least Silver
Software Asset Management (licensing management &
Industry-specific Mobile Apps Ease level in Microsoft Cloud Competency within first 12
More Industry-specific Workflows months
Function-specific Workflows (HR,

Support Billing & Invoice

Resources, infrastructure and processes to provide customer support on Capability to manage customer invoicing and receivables. In order to be
Microsoft Cloud Services and partner services. In order to be considered considered for CSP, partners must have:
for CSP, partners must have: .
Local language support Format Paper, online, itemization, plans, details

Support ticketing and case management tools Frequenc

Weekly, monthly, annually

Established and discoverable support policies for business and after-

hours support, operational hours, response times, and contact methods Integrati
MS + partner + third party services in single bill
(phone, web, email, chat) on
2015 Roadmap
Office 365, Intune and Enterprise
Mobility Suite (EMS) available now;
Azure & CRM Online available July

65 markets available now;

134 markets enabled coming soon

Partner Portal for CSP management

available now; CSP APIs available
coming soon
Partner Call to Action
If you are interested in participating in the Cloud Solution
Provider Program, please use the following guidance:

For 1 Tier and 2 Tier level participation: please review the
resources provided on the CSP MPN Resource Portal or reach
out to your local Microsoft representative.

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