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Chapter 1

Infinite Series
Definition of the Limit of a Sequence
Limit of a Sequence
Properties of Limits of Sequences
Squeeze Theorem for Sequences
Absolute Value Theorem
Definition of a Monotonic Sequence
Definition of a Bounded Sequence
Bounded Monotonic Sequences
Definitions of Convergent and Divergent
Convergence of a Geometric Series
Properties of Infinite Series
Limit of nth Term of a Convergent Series
nth-Term Test for Divergence
The Integral Test
Convergence of p-Series
Direct Comparison Test
Limit Comparison Test
Alternating Series Test
Alternating Series Remainder
Absolute Convergence
Definitions of Absolute and Conditional
Ratio Test
Root Test
Guidelines for Testing a Series for
Convergence or Divergence
Summary of Tests for Series
Summary of Tests for Series (contd)
Definitions of nth Taylor Polynomial and nth
Maclaurin Polynomial
Taylor's Theorem
Definition of Power Series
Convergence of a Power Series
Properties of Functions Defined by Power
Operations with Power Series
The Form of a Convergent Power Series
Definitions of Taylor and Maclaurin Series
Convergence of Taylor Series
Guidelines for Finding a Taylor Series
Power Series for Elementary Functions