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Digi telecommunication (DIGI) established in the year of 1995.

This digi telecommunications well-known mobile communications

brand company in Malaysia that provides a completely range of highly
affordable and simple to use Wi-Fi telecommunications services to make
easier and improve the satisfaction level towards Digi customer
The company provides mobile phone as well as fixed telephone
systems products and services which enable people to stay connected
always with each other no matter where they are
DIGIs two main business lines services are operates into such as Digi
postpaid, Digi prepaid and international services as voice services, and text
messaging, multimedia messaging service (MMS), broadband internet,
GPRS/EDGE and wireless application protocol (WAP) as data services
Digi postpaid is where the user used fixed line service to call and pay the
bill after their total usage used for the month whereby
Digi prepaid user have to pay and reload the credit first before using the
service, and this do not need any phone bills.
International services are also called as international direct dial (IDD),
which enable customer to make international roaming such as calls and
text messaging.
Digi provide of variety of way to connect to the internet
depending on connection and desired connection speed
Each internet acess technology uses a network acess
device such as a modem in order to connect to the Digi.It
may be built to your computer or may be provided by the
The simplest arrangement is a moderm that provide a
direct connection between a computer and the Digi

Depending on the Digi and the connection technology,various

services are variable such as virus scanning,video on
demand,and file storage
Home services is normally less expensive than bussiness
services,and generally provides scaled-down services
storage,and fewer email accounts
Bussiness class service is more expensive but provides
faster connection speeds and additional web speeds and
additional web space and email accounts
Before being sent on the Internet,messages are divided into
packets and each individual packet must have a source and
destination IP address
When a packet is sent across the internet,the Digi determines
whether the packet is destined for a local service located on the
Digi network ,or a remote service located on a different network
Every Digi has a control facility for their network,known as the
network operation center(NOC).the NOC usually controls traffic
flow and houses services such as email and web hosting
Packets looking for local services are usually forwarded to the
NOC and never leave the ISP network

There are network utilities that test connectivity to the destination device

The ping utility tests end to the end connectivity between source and

destination.it measures the time that it takes packets to make a round

trip from the source to the destination and whether the destination and

whether the transmission is successful

The trace route utility traces the route from source to destination.each

router through which the packets travel is referred to as a hop.traceroute

displays each hop along the way and the it takes for each one
DiGi Prepaid Internet

The latest and the youngest wireless broadband in town. Offering almost
double what other telco's are offering, DiGi stands with their reputation of
being the cheapest and most value for money service. In additional to that,
DiGi is offering users the Turbo 3G which is said to be a lot faster than the
ordinary 3G offered by other Telcos. Grace period before termination is 90

The Pros: Cheapest prepaid broadband, offering RM2 per day only at the
speed of 384kbps. Stable speed in areas covered. Easy set-up and usage.
No up front fees what-so-ever , using HSPA technology
instead of HSDPA (Ill get into this later) , DiGi offers
in terms of minimum bandwidth rather then
promising speeds up to 3.6Mbps as done by Maxis and
Celcom ! . Meaning that at normal times , your
minimum throughput should be around
700Kbps/200Kbps (for the low-end package) and of
course it can go higher ! Great upload speed !!!
Price : RM100++ Price : RM100++ Price :RM100++
Package download Package download Package
speed : speed : download
224 kbits, 7.2 mbits 384 kbits, 640 kbits, speed:
Monthly payment : 3.6 mbits 384 kbits, 512
RM58-RM188 Monthly payment : kbits, 1,2& 4
Technology :Turbo RM78-RM198 mbits
3G, 3.5G (HSDPA) Technology : 3G, Monthly
3.5G (HSDPA) payment :
Broadband Plans
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