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Torch for Visually Impaired

Executive Summary
Product/Solution: Platform for Differently Enabled; 1st
Hardware: Smart (IoT) Torch
Market Opportunity: 285 Million Visually Impaired (7.1
Billion USD);
Traction: Patent pending (Filed) product, currently 6
complete blind people are using our prototype.
Competition: 2 Competitors; Smart cane & K-Sonar
Scalable Model: Multiple revenue streams using platform
Team: All are UG Engineering students, but we all are
similar stars (In hard work)
Awards/Accolades: National as well as international
Millions of blind people lose their confidence to
navigate and analyze their surroundings
Our device will guide the blind horizontally as well
as vertically in their visually dark world
It will help to easily navigate as well as identify
the proximity of various obstacles around them
horizontally as well as vertically in their Dark World
The aim of this product is to develop

Economical Efficient

with more Speed and Confidence
PRODUCT Benefits

1 Time charge-
Stands for 7 days

Stages-3 Different
SoS/Emergency Ranges
Market Size
Market Size
Market Research

Million people Visually impaired

285 across the globe AFR; 12%
C hina; 24%
AMR; 9%

71 Million people are blind

EMR; 10%

Million blind people were from

India; 21% EUR; 8%
India W PR (excluded C hina; 6% SEAR (excluded india); 10%
Market Research
Eye Diseases 70& ABOVE
others; 13% 55-59
Cataract ; 47%
onchocerciasis; 1% 50-54
trachoma; 4% Age45-49
childhood blindness; 4% 40-44
glaucoma; 12% 35-39
daibetic retinopathy; 5%
AMD; 9% 30-34
corneal opacities; 5% 25-29 female
15-19 male
120 90 60 30 0 30 60 90 120

Population (per thousand)

Business Model
Social organization
Blind association
Revenue Model
i. By Selling product
ii. Data Monetizing
iii. Advertising on Top of our product
iv. Govt. Policies/Schemes- ADIP and DDRS

We are not just creating this product

We are creating a platform for them so that they can be
connected to one other through our product.
Time Line
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Selected Idea Prototyping Company Product Launching Reaching Expanding

in MIT labs generated and registration launch & second whole Middle
testing and patent Expanding product & India Asia
western India expanding
North India
Product Time Line
Up to
Jan-2017 Apr- 2017 Aug-2017 Mar-2018 Aug-2018 2019

Tested Several blind Launch Upgrading our Launch our Upgrading our Enabled home
prototype on people are our first product with: second products with: automation in
more than using our product GPS and SOS product - A fitness our product &
100 blind prototype. system virtual cane tracking with Exploring other
people & continues connecting to major
updating our doctors and applications in
products Connected Deep Dark spot
Canes for Military and
Market Adoption
Reach 8
Reach 4 population Step 5th
Million Expanding in all
population over India.
Reach 1.8 Step 4th
Million Covering north
population & eastern region
Step 3rd Of India
Reach 250K
Launching new
product & Settling
Step 2nd new Industry 2 half
In north India.
Covering 2018
Western region of
Step 1st India
1st half
Launching First
product in BPA
Ahmedabad 2nd half
1st half Reach 16 Million population
Market Adoption
2nd Half
Time period 1st Half 2019
In 2019
2019 We will cover whole India
2nd Half
1st Half 2018 In 2018
2nd Half 2018 We launch our new
1st Half 2017 product and
expanding in North
East region

In 2017
We launch our product
and expanding in
western part of India
Units 7150 38.4K 104K 170K 240K 320K

Expected Orders
Ultrasonic technology and the bat's ability to Device that mounted onto a cane carried by
'see with sound'. the visually challenged.

Problems:- Problems:-
It lacks in the use of modern Very less Accuracy to detect
technologies. Obstacles.
Repair cost are very high Always vibration, creates customer
Product life cycle is small. distraught.
Too high Cost ( 35000) Low battery backup.


Dr. R. P. Soni Dr. Bhushan Punani

BPA Member BPA Director
Blind Technician Wagh Bakri tea group
Tested on 100 partially to fully blind peoples.

Company Registered as Torch-It Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Patent pending (filed) named Compact Device for Aiding Visually Impaired
and System Thereof
Final Product design & PCB designs are completed.
We have started R&D for Aiding GPS and GSM for upgrading the product
Recommended by Dr. R Soni (Blind Technician)
Hired 5 People for R&D and Marketing

At present prototype being used by several Visually Impaired

we take continuous feedback; to improve the product and serve
them better.
Hall of Fame
You can
us here

Thank You
Have a Colourful day!

Prarit Agarwal Hunny Bhagchandani M e et S h a h

CTO Fo u n d er CMO
Te c h n i c a l Management and Innovation M a r ke t i n g
Competitor Analysis
Smart Cane K Sonar Torch-It

R&D In House In House In House

Outer body Molding Out source In House Out source
PCB construction Out source In House Out source
Sensor (US) Out source In House Market
Controller Market Out source Out source
Programming Out source In House In House
Assembling Out source In House In House
Packaging Out source In House In House
Service Out source Out source/In House Out source