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Newyork MMFA

Mesogeia Ressam

Early Proto-Attic hydria by the Mesogeia Painter, note applied plastic snakes on lip, neck and handle,
suggesting a use in funerary cult; neck depicts women dancing with a youth, belly a man behind two
sphinxes, circa 700 BC, from Athens, now Antikensammlung, Berlin.
Thomas Mannack inGriechische
Vasenmalerei. Eine Einfhrung, Theiss,
Stuttgart 2002, p. 135ISBN 3-8062-1743-2
Cynthia King:More Pots by the Mesogeia
Painter, in:American Journal of
Archaeology, Vol 80 (1976), p. 79-8
"Eleusis neck-amphora"
Protoattic amphora from Eleusis,
Archaeological Museum of Eleusis