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Implications of Islamic and

Eastern Philosophy of Education

Towards Educational
Development in Malaysia

Islamic education is a process for all

under the purposeful guidance of
educators who will shape Muslims
based on the teaching of Islam

Abd Halim Haji Mat Diah ,1989

Enable to shape and develop human being
to become knowledgeable , faithful, and
trustworthy, righteous, and noble Muslims
in addition to being responsible as God-
loving and God-fearing followers and
Caliphs of Allah.
Enable to produce human beings who are
obedient to Allah, live in peace and
harmony in society and so enjoy
tranquility and protection in the hereafter.

Islamic philosophy implies that a

good behaviour could lead a person
to gain knowledge through education
which indulge themselves in to it by
abiding to the Islamic religious point
of views.
Nurtures good behaviour in man
through :-
Good manners
Respect for others
Love of those younger than us
Loyalty to and love for king and country
Being considerate towards students level of
To produce good thinkers and achievers in all aspects
Produce educated generation
of life. which is ready to serve
the society and develop the country.
The Eastern educationist opine that the
role of education is to nurture good
behaviour in man so that they will be law-
abiding, loyal, and love their King and
The Islamic educationist opine that
education unifies all knowledge and that
education is grounded in the Quran.
Education place an important role in
creating a balance for the physical,
intellectual, and spiritual, potential of the
Implications of Western
Philosophy of Education
Towards Educational
Development in Malaysia
To foster high moral behaviour
To train a students in mastering 3M
in important subjects
The teachers can help students to
think rationally
To understand the real world and find
the absolute principle
To discipline students mental and
soul to become a rational
To instill intellectual and thinking
skills to every students
The values of society (social, culture
and politic) taught throughout the
school community
To form a personality and mental and
the perfect harmony
To concerned with the community
and can solve the problems
To enhance a democratic social life
without difference status quo.
Needs mind self-students
Emphasize the basic skills of writing, read
and count as well as the concept of student
centered- learning
Western Philosophy of Education:
3R - tradisional philosophy
The focus of education and curriculum more
emphasis on characteristics of students
modern philosophy towards education
system in Malaysia