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Lab: Week 2

Muscle strength

Muscle strength refers to the

amount of force a muscle can
produce with a single maximal
Size of muscle cells and the ability
of nerves to activate them are
related to muscle strength.
Muscular Strength Tests

1RM should be determined within 3-5 maximal efforts

1RM = the weight of the last successfully completed lift

1. Complete 5-10 reps at 40-60% of perceived 1RM

2. 1 minute of stretching
3. 3-5 reps at 60-80% of perceived 1RM
4. Add small amount of weight - attempt
5. Rest 3-5 minutes and add more weight attempt
6. Continue titrating until subject is unsuccessful
Muscular Endurance

Ability of a muscle group to execute

repeated contractions over a period
of time sufficient to cause muscular
fatigue, or to maintain a specific
percentage of MVC for a prolonged
period of time
Muscular Strength Tests

1. Handgrip Dynamometer
Muscular Endurance

1. Grip Endurance
2. Sit-ups
3. Push-ups
Grip Endurance
1. Squeeze dynamometer for 1
minute maximally - record initial
strength and final strength.

2. Squeeze dynamometer at a
submaximal percent of MVC (ie.,
60%) to fatigue.
Knees at 90
Arms at side
Fingers reaching for masking tape
8-12 cm from resting

Males in up position
Females in knee position
Hands shoulder width apart
Chin touches mat
As many as possible consecutively
and without rest