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Tall Ship

Zane Austen-Young
The First Fleet
The First Fleet was the name that was given to the ships that
left Britain to take convicts to create a settlement in Australia.
Captain Arthur Phillip was in charge.
There was eleven ships in the First Fleet. The two Royal Navy
transports were called H.M.S. Sirius and H.M.S. Supply. The six
convict transports were called Alexander, Charlotte, Friendship,
Lady Penryn, Prince of Wales and Scarborough, and the three
food and supply transports were called Golden Grove, Fishburn
and Borrowdale.
When The First Fleet left Portsmouth, England on the 13th of
May 1787 there was 1420 people and when they landed at Port
Jackson on the 26th of January 1788 there was 1373 people.
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When Was Friendship Built?
Friendship was a merchant brig.
She was built in 1784 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, in
Her owners were the Hoppers of Scarborough (Thomas,
George and John).
It was hired to transport convicts to the new colony.
What Was Friendships Design
Friendship was a brig. A brig is a sailing vessel with two
square rigged masts.
It had 2 masts and 6 sails. They had 3 sails on each mast.
Friendship weighed 276 tons (280 429 kg).
It was 23metres long and 7 metres wide.
Diagram of Friendship
Who Travelled on Friendship?
Friendships Captain was Francis Walton.
There were about 20 crew members.
Also on board Friendship were an Assistant Surgeon
named Thomas Arnell, Captain James Meredith,
Lieutenant Ralph Clark, Lieutenant William, two
sergeants and three corporals. There was also 42
marines and family.
There was 97 convicts when they left England.
What Cargo Did Friendship Bring
Friendship was a convict transport so its main cargo was
It held about 76 male convicts and 21 female convicts at
the start.
At Cape Town the women convicts were transported to
other ships in the fleet to make room for over 500 sheep.
It also carried water casks, flour, corn, grain, salt beef
and other necessities.
Other Interesting Facts About
2 people from the Friendship died on the voyage, 1 while
she was getting transported to another ship, and 1 when
she fell overboard.
The Friendship arrived at Botany Bay on the 19th of
January 1788.
She arrived Sydney Cove at 26th of January 1788.
On their way into Port Jackson she bumped into Prince of
Wales and Charlotte and damaged both other vessels.
Map of Sydney Cove
Map of The First Fleets Journey
Departed 13th May

Arrived 3rd of

Rio de Janeiro Capetown Port Jackson

Arrived 6 ofth
Arrived 14th of Landed 26th of
August October January 1788
What Happened to Friendship
After The First Fleet?
Friendship left Port Jackson on the 13th of July 1788 with
the Alexander to Canton to pick up a cargo of tea for the
British East India Company.
On the way many men died because of a deadly disease
called scurvy on Alexander and Friendship.
In the end there was only enough crew for one ship and
Friendship was scuttled off the coast of Borneo on the
28th of October 1788 so the rest of the crew was
transported off to Alexander.

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