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Circle Example

2 % Factor : Judged Events (Difference less than 2 %)

Demo Crimes
So What ? (Ex. Football)
I Love This Part of My Software (Ex. What customer wants(predictive
analytics)| Focus on value)
Teaching v/s Demonstrating (Explain proj step by step)
Blind leading the blind (Ex. Predictive analytics :Confidence interval)
The Field by Fielder (Ex. Dont explain each field step by step| Hw can u
help company)
Data dump
The Widget Syndrome
Talking to the Wall
Technobabble v/s Talk-the-Talk (Do not use technical- jargons)
The Powerpoint Crutch (Poor skills in utilizing PPT)
The Condescending Presenter (Talking down to audience)
Just Do What you Normally Do (Every Project is different, do it fresh)
Demo Scenes & Sub-Scenes
Objective/ Methodology/ Analysis/
Inference (Put in as sscenes under
which each ot them has a sub scene)
Tell-Show-Tell Concepts, Un-Tethering
and Black Screen Techniques
Toggling Techniques
Black-Screen (Use Flip-Chart or White
Board Do Demo via other means visually
appealing to make a deeper impact)
The Triangle

Lympic Brain influencers
Proper Plann, Collabo, Communic, and
5 stages
Plan Monitor Control Review
Demonstrate (Alt-Tab) (Planning: Define Calendar
| Resoruces, Tasks & Activiti, Assign Resources
and Activities)
Sub-ub scenes ex. And at las summarize benefits
and then final impt takeaways |Mterices
Challenges in PPT when some one is
sitting in remote
Network Latency: 2 Laptops diff
Desktop is clean (Less Icons s more
leads to delay in relay)
Modulate the voice
Do no use to many images as
transmit time increases
Creating PPT
Create doc for the structure of your ppt (scene sub scene
each scene having opening and closing, then ppt making)
First create a template
Download ppts of companies like microsoft, advt firms or
any global marketing organization (use fonts that are
modern ex. Google, segou UI Segou UI Light)
Avoide using black color use lighter version
Ratio b/w header (46) and font 18 as first sentenc, 2 nd 14,
3rd 12
Keep changing template periodically
Design it in such a way is that u r not reading in slides
only bullet points, max 4-5 bullet points, more graphics
Prepare report in ppt
Not to submit the proposal, better
present the proposal, make changes
and then email the proposal
Present proposal to all > cutting
whole time to get orders
DarK Blue BG | Yellow on text (?)