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Jamar Roby
Eion Daley
Period 7
The purpose of this project was to find a need and make a solution. Everything
: that you use is designed to meet a need. As engineers we
will be called upon to analyze many situations and design solutions for those needs. Design is the process in which engineers bridge problems

to create solutions. The world creates the things that it needs and discards the things it doesnt. So make yourself useful. The need that we

were trying to meet is the need to help find clothes, shoes, and find what to wear a lot easier. Finding a way to stay organize and consume less

time looking for shoes and clothes. And cause less stress and frustration.

The challenges we encountered in the creation of this project was the creation of the model itself. It was hard trying to keep the model

together because the gorilla glue was not drying quickly enough. The App was also difficult to create because it has so many components. But

we found ways to work things out. We made a concept map (layout) of the app would be like. And we decided to stick with the gorilla glue and

wait for it to do its job. Also another challenge we face was the choice between a model and prototype. We end up choosing the model instead

of a functioning prototype as for it was is cheaper and easier to build. Which we built out of nylon using a 3D printer.
Initial Project Proposal

Need: Organize clothes so that they are easy found.

Being able to find clothes when needed
Effective Time Management
Better Efficiency
Less stress and frustration
Phase 1: Ask
Problem Definition:
Design a machine that well help organize clothes and shoes. Help consume time. Causes less
frustration and stress. And help find outfits when need.

Easy excess
Audio sound
Phase 2: Imagine
Appearance Easy Access connectivity space audio

Glass doors Wi-Fi cabinets mic

neon lights Glass slots Bluetooth Walk-in space speakers

customize Glass drawers sync Siri/S voice
Phase 2
Concept 1: Concept 2: Concept 3: Concept 4:
Neon lights Customize Neon lights
multicolor lighting Glass drawers Glass slot Glass doors
glass doors Bluetooth Cabinets Bluetooth
Wi-Fi Speakers Mic Small compartments
Siri/ S voice Walk in sync Speakers
Walk-in space

We decided to go with concept 1. The reason why is because concept 1 incorporates

the best aspects that we are using for our vending machine closet. Multicolor lighting
will help make the product more colorful and my things pop. The class doors well help
make it easier to take shoes and close out. And put shoes and clothes in. The Wi-Fi
feature well help make it easier to connect your phone to the machine. And the
machine connect to internet. Walk in space make it easier for you to use the machine.
And the Siri/ S voice well help it make wireless voice commands.
Phase 3: Plan

Materials for project: Materials in actual reality:

Nylon Metal Wi-Fi towers

Gorilla Glue LED lights
Wires Wood
3D Printer
Gears Monitors
Micro chips Chords
Measuring tape
Touch pad Cables
Phase 3 Continued
Phase 3 Continued

Clothes Shoes Sites
from media

Tops Bottoms

Colors Red, Blue, Green, White, Black, Colors

Green, Blue

Weather Snow/cold, Rain , Weather


Type Short sleeves, Baggy, skinny, Type

Long sleeves, joggers ..
Size Size
Small, Medium,
Brand Nike, levis, Jordan, American
eagle .. Brand

Weather Size Color Brand

Rain 9 Red
Snow/co 9.5 Blue Jordan
ld 10 Yellow Nike
Sunny/h 10.5 Black Adidas
ot 11 White Puma
green Vans
Suggestions from media

Google +


Phase 4: Create

First we glued Then we glued the

the floors and the back walls on the
side walls end proportion of
together. the model.
Phase 4 .

This is the end

We then glued the roof
result of the first
to the top of the
part of the
model. As we got
ready to glue the
other parts.
Phase 4 . continued

Once we finish glue And this the end result

the roof we glued the of the model.
faces to the model.
Then we glued the
front walls.
Phase 5:
In this project there were a couple changes have been made to this
project. One of the changes was the design at it was going to be a machine
that was going to have a unique shape and design. But where in the house
would you fit the machine. It cant be like an actual vending machine that you
see out in public. So we made it a build into closet. So it doesnt take up space
in the house. This change takes place in phase 3: plan.
Another change we made was the size of the machine. How much clothes
and shoes and clothes are going to fit inside the machine. So as a result we
made the machine into two separate parts. One side clothes and the other side
shoes. One machine on one side and another machine on the other. It is a
better solution instead of having both clothes and shoes in one machine.
Makes for space for clothes and shoes. This change takes place in phase 4:
Another change that we had to create was the specs of the device. We
need to add more specs to make the machine better. We needed to make the
machine the machine more appealing. Plus our specs were basic we need to
add little more flare. We add something that well take the project to the next
Next change was the materials. We were going to build a
prototype. But we were running low on money and time. So we
settled to make a model. The model uses cheap and easy
materials. Like nylon and gorilla glue. Cheaper & strong
material thats good enough to make our project model. Less
time consuming and easier to build. This change takes place in
phase 4: Create.
The next change was the creation of the app. We were
originally work on creating an app that well go along with the
vending machine clothes & she closet. But we were not able to
finish it so we just mapped out a process map. We also made an
outline of the app. This change takes place in phase 4: create.
Another change in the app was the set up. We decision we
wanted it be easy to use. And we wanted to add more features.
And make it more organize. Like add different selections. And
Another change that was in the drawing of the model
trying figure out what is going were and what are the
views. We were going to do a 3D drawing of the machine
but instead we settled on a 2D drawing. A drawing we
made in AutoCAD. This takes place in phase 3.
The changes that really need to be made are changes in
phase 3 &4. The planning and the creation. Those are the
changes that need to be made in these areas. In order to
improve this project this is what needs to be done. The
creation of the model and app. And the design of the model
and app.
In the end we used the engineering method. The method includes 5 phases.
Phase 1: we have to Ask; identify the need and define the objective research. We
search if my idea has been tired before and if so can we improve upon it. We
researched different ways, methods, machines or devices that could be used as a
solution to the problem that we are trying to solve. Created a problem definition
and made a list of specifications. Phase 2: we have to imagine; Brainstorm
solutions and function analysis. We created a Brainstorm/Selection table listing
the functions and ideas. Then selected the idea we should go with by putting the
ideas into different concepts. Identify a final solution and why it was chosen.
Phase 3: we have to plan; Apply constraints, Make drawings, list the quantities of
materials that are needed. . We created as list of materials needed for the
project. Then we drew out the plan of the construction. Then we drew made a
process map for the app. Then made a team schedule. Phase 4: we have to
create; construct a prototype or model and fabrication. We constructed the
project using Nylon and gorilla glue. We took photographs of our construction
process. Then we label and caption each picture describing what is taking place
in chronological order leading to a photograph of the finished project. Phase 5:
we improved; Trial and error, test and evaluate prototype or model,
communicate, iterate to other steps. Phase 3 and 4 had to be improved the most.