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Penang cuisine is the cuisine of multicultural
society of Penang. Most of cuisine are sold at road
side stalls known as hawker foods.

Penang has the reputation as being the food

paradise in the region as it offers an diverse and
exotic mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine
which reflects the multi cultural mix of the city.

Its popular among locals and tourist alike.

On February 22 2013, Penang was Penang was

Ranked by CNN Travel as one of the top ten food
Cities in Asia.

Penang also been Voted by Lonely planet as the

top culinary destination in 2014.
Apom- Indian styled pancake with a thin
skin. Its a crispy
On a side while it is soft and thick in the

Apom balik- Nyonya style crispy fold over

pancake made from flour and egg and
topped with bananas sweet corn and
Sprinkling of sugar.
Chai Kuih -Chinese style deep fried
bread sticks usually eaten with
congee or almond cream.

Or kuih-Savoury yam cake topped

with dried shrimp, fried shallots,
spring onion and sliced red chilli.
Popiah-Teochew style spring roll with a
filling which consists of turnip, beancurd,
egg bits and a dash of chilli paste and
sweet sauce.

Rojak-is a fruit and vegetable salad

tossed in a special sauce. Simply labeled
Rojak Sauce, the sauce is made from a
thick black prawn paste. This is
combined with palm sugar, tamarind
paste and other ingredients. Pineapple,
apple, guava, green mango, jicama and
cucumber are tossed in this sauce with
crushed peanuts
and sesame seeds .
Satay- The famous meat-on-a-
stick, is a traditional Malay food
typically made from marinated
meat - chicken, mutton or beef,
skewered onto bamboo sticks and
grilled over hot charcoals. Chinese
hawkers serve a variant of satay
made from pork. A fresh salad of
cucumbers & onions are served
together with a spicy-sweet
peanut dipping sauce for dipping.
Ketupat, a Malay rice cake, is
sometimes served together with
Bak Kut Teh- Literally translates as
"meat bone tea", the soup dish
consists of meaty pork ribs and
meatballs simmered in a complex
broth of herbs and spices.

Char Koey Tiow -fried flat rice

noodles with chili spices with
seafood typically prawns and cockles
(and typically with fried eggs). (A
stall at a corner along Chulia Street
which uses distinctive narrower
noodles than other vendors.)
Clay pot chicken Rice -Another
popular hawker food in Penang
comprises chicken cooked in a
claypot over a fire, served with
Chinese sausages, egg, salted
fish and mushroom.

Curry Mee-Similar to curry

laksa, this popular Penang dish
consists of egg noodles in
coconut-based curry soup. The
main ingredients for most
versions of curry laksa include
bean curd puffs, fish sticks,
shrimp and cockles. Curry
mee in Penang uses congealed
pork blood, a delicacy to the
Malaysian Chinese community.
Fish head curry - Head of the red
snapper stewed with vegetables
such as okra, tomato and brinjals
in a curry, usually served with

Ikan Bakar- is a general term

meaning grilled or barbecued fish.
A popular local fish for grilling is
Ikan Kembong (Mackerel Fish).
The fish is usually marinated in
spices, coconut milk, sometimes
stuffed with sambal, then
wrapped in banana leaves and
grilled over hot charcoals.
Mee Goreng Mamak- also a
cuisine of Mamak origin,fresh
yellow egg noodles are stir fried
with mutton or lamb, vegetables,
tomato ketchup and spices,
giving this fried noodle dish a
distinctly unique Indian flavor.

Nasi kandar Penang- an Indian-

Muslim (Mamak) dish of mixed
rice with an assortment of meat
seafood and vegetable curries,
the secret of which is in the mix
of curries. Among the most well-
known is a place called Line
Clear, off Penang Road.
Pasembur- A spicy salad dish
consists of fried titbits and
shreded vegetable sold by
Indian Muslims and
occasionally by Chinese
hawkers. It is known as "cheh
hu" by the Chinese.

Laksa Penang-(Malay: Laksa

Pulau Pinang), a dish of thick
round rice noodles in a spicy
and sour tamarind-based (or
assam fruit-based) fish soup.
The dish is garnished with
mint, cucumber, onions,
shreadded lettuce and
Cendol Penang- a dessert
with green noodles in
coconut milk, brown sugar
and shaved ice. There's a
very famous stall along the
busy street of Penang Road
near the "spider" pedestrian
bridge leading to KOMTAR.
Another not so famous
'cendol' stall is located just
opposite to it.
Ice kacang- (Malay: Ais
Kacang) - sweet red
beans, seaweed jelly,
barley pearls, sweet corn
and fruits are covered
with shaved ice, then
laced with rose syrup,
brown sugar syrup and
sweetened condensed
milk. Certain stalls make
the Ais Kacang Uniquely
"Penang" by adding
shredded nutmeg (A
native fruit to Penang)
pickle and raisins or
sultanas over it.