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Evan Barber
Social Bullying involves hurting someones reputation or relationships.
Social Bullying can include:
Leaving Someone out on purpose
Telling other children not to be friends with someone
Spreading rumors about someone
Embarrassing someone in public

16% of all students reported being the subject of rumors

5% reported being excluded from activities on purpose
4% reported being cyberbullied, including acts intended to damage social
relationships or status
The objective of my bullying campaign is to have students constantly
sitting by new students in order to reduce social bullying by realizing that
we are all more similar than we are different.
Each day that students come to my class, they will be required to sit next
to a new student
Each student will keep a journal. Each day they will write down the
student(s) they sit next to. Periodically the teacher will check the journals
to ensure that students are not constantly sitting next to the same
Students cannot sit next to the same student more than once in one week.
Students will keep a journal to record the people that they are sitting by.
They will write down the name(s) of the students they sit next to on each
On Friday of every week, they will write down one thing that they learned
about a new students they sat next to. They can write almost anything, e.g.
they have 2 brothers, they are in the same chemistry class as me, they
like the same sports teams as me, etc.
At the end of every quarter, students will write a short reflection on how
this activity made them feel. Did they feel better about some students they
didnt like before? Did they make new friends?
They will also write about how they think this activity could reduce social
The Journal will be the main form of assessment.
The teacher will do periodic checks, to ensure students are not sitting by
same students, and that they are actually writing down who they are sitting
Students will also write a short reflection, in their journal, every Friday
about something they learned about the new students they sat by.
They will also write a reflection at the end of every quarter, detailing how
this activity made them feel .
Social bullying is prominent in schools across the country
Students do not often understand the effects of social bullying
They also do not realize how similar everyone is
This activity will facilitate student interaction and socialization in an effort
to reduce social bullying
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