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How does your media

product represent particular
social groups?
In my opening scene, I use just one character who is a female.
The reason I have chosen to use a female character is to
express women as being strong and independent instead of
weak. Women are supposed to look pretty and be looked at-
my female character is wearing make up and is dressed quite
girly to portray male gaze at the start of the opening scene
when she is vlogging. I wanted to use this in my film to
demonstrate the stereotypical females, however I contrasted
the female character to become the un stereotypical female
when she is surrounded by the woodland.

My character here is
Here is my character contrasting a stereotypical
wearing make up, with girly female as she is in the
clothes on and her hair down woods.
to create the male gaze.
However, the other character Leila played by me (Lucy
Skinner) is the stereotypical female and un stereotypical. I
contrasted these to demonstrate the theory Levi Strauss. My
character Leila is a strong, independent female who travels
alone to save the world. Yet in the opening of the scene she is
portrayed as a girly teenager.
Women are quieter than men and not meant to speak out- I
challenged this statement and made my character a vocal
individual, instead of a man being the outspoken one.
Leila also goes to collect wood to create a fire, this is also un-
stereotypical for a female to do.
for wood in
the forest.
In my opening scene, I didnt use any male characters.
Reasons why; I wanted to challenge the film industry as they
ALWAYS have a male dominate character, I contrasted this
with only having a female character but I used male settings,
for example the forest. I did this, because I solely wanted to
represent women in my opening scene, to show independence
and that women are capable of being strong, not just men.
My opening scene has a 17 year old female teenager acting
as the main character. I did a young age to represent real life
struggles, as if this scenario happened in real life- teenagers
would be more ready for it, as they have a higher interest and
ability to know what to do through all the post-apocalyptic
films out in the film industry today. My target audience would
be 13-21 year olds (both gender), as my opening scene is
based on young teenagers.
o My opening scene has a few different nationality's
represented. The main character is white, British. However,
when I travelled to London to film my vlogging scene, in the
background are different nationalities. For example, there is
Asians and Indiana's in the background of my vlogging scene.
This makes my film more realistic as there are different
nationalities being portrayed. However, I mainly included just
British people as 93.6% of the Uk population is British.