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Sexual Assault on

University Campuses
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One in 5 women and one in 16 men are
sexually assaulted while in college
11.2% of all graduate and undergraduate students experience rape or sexual
assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation

Among undergraduate students, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males

experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or
What is Sexual Assault?
Any unwanted physical or verbal sexual action that occurs when an
individual touches any part of another individuals body in any sexual
manner, without consent
Can happen to anyone
Age, sexual orientation, or gender identity are not taken into consideration
Victimized by strangers, but several times individuals are sexually assaulted by
someone that the victim already socializes with
Friend, boyfriend/ girlfriend, family relative, acquaintance, spouse or co-
What is Rape?
Forced penetration of any bodily orifice by a penis or another object without
An individual can be talked into sex but in most cases the individual is
overpowered and abused while trying to resist
Victim can be threatened or blackmailed into surrendering
Altruistic sex
Compliant sex
Includes situations where the victim can be drunk, drugged, asleep, unconscious,
or for any other reason unable to consent
Acts of Violence
Rape and Sexual Assault are acts of aggression
Demonstrate and exert power and control over another person
Remember its indiscriminate with regard of choice of victim
Choice of victim is made more of a matter of accessibility rather than
sexual orientation, gender, or age
Sexual Assault in Relation with Intoxication

Drug abuse and alcoholic intoxication lead to poor judgement and

unstable usage of body coordination
If a person is unconscious or their judgment is impaired by alcohol or
drugs, legally they are unable to give consent
Individuals who are under the influence of drug and alcohol usage are
prone to aggressive behavior
Buddy System is one way to prevent any unwanted sexual advances
Does not necessarily need to be violent
Can happen with people that you know
and commonly hang out with
Important Confusion about sexual expectations and
Things to
peer pressure can lead to assault
Lack of proper sex education can leave
students uninformed and unprepared
What is Consent?
Consent is the act of giving permission to another individual of having sexual
activity with said individual.
The necessary word yes is needed, and all people in a sexual situation should
be able to say no, and stop the sexual activity at any point.
Individuals need to understand and respect the choices of other individuals
and know that NO MEANS NO.
Consent to one act does not imply consent to another, past consent does not
imply future consent
College campuses are responsible
for responding to sexual violence
that happens on college campuses
under federal law because it
classifies as a sort of sex
No guidelines for handling sexual
assault cases
Both the college and the local law enforcement are meant be
involved in the investigation of the assault
Students have the right to contact the city police if they wish
to pursue criminal charges so that their case can be treated
What actions can you take as a bystander?
Taking action against violence takes courage, but you can be that
one individual that makes a difference to prevent violence of any
Safety in numbers gives the courage to the victim to stand up
against his or her aggressor
For more information to be a proactive bystander visit:
Green DOT: http://greendot.at.utep.edu/
How to report Sexual Assault?
Resist the urge to shower, hide, or urinate. EVIDENCE MUST BE
Immediately go to the nearest rape crisis center or hospital
where you can receive a SANE exam (Sexual Assault Nurse
In El Paso you need to go to Sierra Medical Hospital
Call 911 and contact the local police department. If you are in
immediate danger, help will come to you, wherever you are.
How to report at UTEP?

Seek medical attention immediately

Report to UTEP police as soon as possible
Does not necessarily need to happen on campus
You can have anonymity and you will have confidentiality
You can talk to a Title IX coordinator
Can call hotlines or attend confidential counseling
If you are reporting sexual assault or misconduct you will be granted immunity
UTEP Police: (915)747-5611
El Paso Police Department, Crimes Against Persons:
(915) 212-4000
University Counseling Center: 202 Union West (915)747-
UTEP Title IX Coordinator: Dr. Ryan C. Holmes
Assistant Vice President for Student Support
Oversees investigations of concerns related to
Resources Union East 306 915.747.7448 rholmes@utep.edu
CASFV Center Against Sexual and Family Violence
(915)595-2239 24Hr Hotline: (915)593-7300
STARS , formerly Rape Crisis Center of El Paso(El Paso's
only rape crisis center)
(915)533-7700 24Hr Crisis Line: (915)779-1800
National Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE
Sexual Trauma & Assault Response Services United Way
of El Paso County (Volunteer Services)