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Impact of Packaging on

consumer buying behavior

Research Presentation

Packaging is the science, art and technology of

enclosing or protecting products for distribution,
storage, sale, and use. Packaging also refers to the
process of design, evaluation, and production of
Packaging can be described as a coordinated
system of preparing goods for transport,
warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. Packaging
contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs,
and sells. It is fully integrated into government,
business, institutional, industry, and personal use.
Purpose of Packaging

Physical protection
Information transmission
Portion control
Various Household
Packaging types
Symbols used in
packages & labels
Statement of Problem

The study aims to explore the

impact of packaging on sales,
price, labelling and consumer
buying behaviour.
Research Objectives

To determine the impact of packaging in

customer buying behavior.

To identify the characteristics of a packaging

that help in brand loyalty.
To investigate the reasons for brand preference
with respect to packaging.
Customers perception of product packaging.
Research Objectives

To make recommendations for developing

customer loyalty through packaging.
Significance of the

This study has allowed us to get deepened knowledge about the

relationship between packaging and sales of any product or
consumer buying behavior.

This study would also help in identifying the various packaging

factors that has impact on the sales. It describes different aspects
behind the sales of a product.

The study will also take into account the impact of packaging on the
consumers and some recommendations.

This study has made us learn how important it is to put down the
data we had gathered during the period of research in form of words
and paragraphs to portray the actual picture and to rightly express
the true side of the story and to do this we found our research
Research Design

Primary and Secondary Data Analysis.

Interviews with key informants.
The questionnaire consisted of 12 questions related to
The population for the research was the general public
because we
were studying the impact of packaging on the buying
behaviour of the
general public i.e. consumer.
In primary research, a structured questionnaire was
Data Collection

Data Collection was done through

Face to face interviews.

The questionnaires design contained both open and

close ended questions.
The questionnaire comprised more of close ended
questions to encourage the contribution from the
In such a way the data collected was richer in
respondents real opinion. For data collection we used
Population & Sample

Population included departmental stores, general

public and students.

Sample size was of 200 buyers who were

involved in the process of day to day purchasing.
Field Work

1) We had 200 sample size.

2) Prboblems faced during Field Work:
Negative responses from the respondents.
Some of the persons hesitated & refused to fill

But we faced all problems boldly as good

Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel is used for the data analysis as the

nature of the research is descriptive.

Data that we got in response to our questionnaires and

interviews was opinion based and was noted down by the
research team and they then analyzed and compiled the
results from it.

Data analysis process of looking at and summarizing

data with the intent to extract useful information and
develop conclusions had led to the fulfilling of the
objective of our research.
Analysis of Survey
1) Do you generally prefer to buy consumer goods?

No. Of Respondents
With Packaging 180 (90%) Without Packaging 20 (10%)
Analysis of Survey
2) List some of the goods that you had not bought because of poor

No. Of Respondents
Food Items 71 (36%) Beverages 79 (39%) Others 50 (25%)
Analysis of Survey
3) Please rank the following characteristics that you look for when
you buy products according to your preference. Give 1 to most prefer
and 3 to least?

No. Of Respondents
Analysis of Survey
4) Do you think a strong brand should be a well packed product?

No. Of Respondents
Yes 167 (89%) No 33 (11%)
Analysis of Survey
5) Have you ever purchased product on the basis of good packaging?

No. Of Respondents
Yes 178 (84%) No 22 (16%)
Analysis of Survey
6) How did you first discover that packaging plays a vital role in the
buying of product?

No. Of Respondents
Advertising/TV 88 (44%) Newspaper 27 (13%) Friends/Family 38 (19%) In the store 47 (24%)
Analysis of Survey
7) Are you loyal in buying your brand mainly because it is a well
packed product?

No. Of Respondents
Definitely 122 (61%) Most Probably 61 (31%) Definitely Not 17 (8%)
Analysis of Survey
8) How much are you willing to pay more if you get good packaging?

No. Of Respondents
3% 55 (27%) 5% 89 (45%) 7% 38 (19%) Not willing to pay 18
Analysis of Survey
9) To what extent advertising plays role in promotion of the product?

No. Of Respondents
To great extent 102 (51%) To some extent 57 (29%) No Effect 41 (20%)
Analysis of Survey
10) Does any product attract you because of its look?

Yes 163 (82%) No 37 (18%) No. Of Respondents

Analysis of Survey
11) Do you think good packaging of a product enhances promotion?

No. Of Respondents
Yes 117 (59%) No 38 (19%) May be 45 (23%)
Analysis of Survey
12) How likely are you to recommend the well packaged product to

No. Of Respondents
Definitely will 77 (39%) Probably will 66 (33%) Not sure 43 (21%) Definitely will not 14

In preserved products long lasting packaging is most important.

45%of consumers are influenced by packaging and are willing to pay more for
it and may switch from one brand to another cause of a packaging.

61% are loyal in buying a brand mainly because it is a well packed product.

90% Consumers are influenced by Packaging and 10% are not Influenced.

Each positioning strategy appears associated with particular packaging


Our research has the following limitations:

1)Lack of time

2)Cost for collecting data.

3)Sample size was too big as it took long time to

get the questionnaire filled.

Packaging plays a vital role on the buying behavior of an individual

as well as on the sale of any kind of product.
Develop innovative packaging.
As per the facts from our questionnaire we concluded:
90% of sample respondents preferred to buy products with
10% respondents out of our selected samples did not prefer
packaged products.

Analysis shows that majority of the people prefer packaged

products. So this analysis supports our
research objective that packaging enhances sales because majority
of people preferred packaged products.

Those who did not prefer well packaged products were those who
were price conscious and not focusing on quality and other features
Conclusion Contd

There are certain characteristics of packaging that add to the factor of brand
loyalty. The characteristics included are:
1)Physical Protection.
2)Information Transmission.
3)Convenience and Marketing etc.

For e.g. in Physical Protection the objects enclosed in the package may require
protection from other things such as shock, temperature and vibration etc.
Similarly Information Transmission i.e. package that communicates how to use,
transport, recycle or store also helps in maintaining brand loyalty.

Convenience on the other hand also helps in maintaining brand loyalty because packages
can have features that add convenience in distribution, handling, opening, using and reusing.
The above mentioned features are some of the reasons for brand preference with respect to
packaging and they also add up positively to consumers perception of product packaging.

The research work has been successfully completed and it has helped us to
understand the mindset of the consumers regarding the packaging of product and

Maximum focus should be given to maintain the quality

level of packaging to make the customer more loyal in
buying their brands.

Attention should also be given to increase and maintain

the level of comfort and durability to increase the
customers loyalty.

Continuously work on innovative designs in order to

retain customers.
In order to make customer loyal in buying their brand and to
keep in touch with customer, company should focus on
advertising using effective packaging communication.

Packaging should develop a good image in the minds of

customers by continuous focusing on its core competencies so
that it may have a good word of mouth.

More focus should be on identifying and satisfying the needs

in packaging wanted by the target customers.

Label information accurately as consumers would like it, if