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Evaluation of Peer Coaching Interventions With

4 and 5 Grade Math Teachers to Improve

th th

Students Academic Performance in a Rural

Elementary School
Magnus Hemans, NCSU Northeast Leadership Academy

Problem of Practice Research Process Reflection

Process where a collaborative coaching model was
used with two first year teachers:
Collaborative planning conference was done
with teachers once a week.
Observation and data collection, twice a week
Feedback / Reflective conference
Data analysis
Scan the QR code to watch an Improvement in students
interview with a teacher engagement
Coaching sessions met
Collaborative Conference: teachers needs
Teaching focus is explored Teachers content knowledge
Strategies and resources
Model teaching
Improvement in students
weekly test scores.
Data analysis: Observation: Improvement in students led
Classroom assessments, walk- Five to ten minutes twice per week activities.
Background and Purpose throughs, and office referrals Note strengths, areas of
weakness, and improvements

The administrative team looked at the

Feedback / Reflective

schools data and thought that our new Conference:
Email walk-through data
fourth and fifth grade teachers needed Teacher meetings
support and would benefit the most
from Math interventions. Implement peer coaching interventions
across all grade levels at the start of the
Both teachers are teaching fourth and
fifth grade for the first time. Pre - Intervention Data school year.
Continue to do frequent classroom
observations and provide feedback to
Teachers didnt have Math coaching sessions teachers.
Data Sources Teacher Survey Classes were mainly whole group instruction. Initiate learning walks with teachers across
Classes were teacher centered. the district.
Teacher Interviews Activities were mostly paper and pencil. Conduct professional developments on the
Teacher Surveys Classrooms didnt have student friendly effective use of data to drive instruction.
Walk Through Data objective.
Implement effective PLCs across grade
Observation Lower level questioning.
Teachers werent meeting to discuss data. levels at the beginning of the school year.
Office referrals
Lesson Plans Students didnt have a lot of opportunities to Use PLCs as a tool to have regular data
collaborate. conversations with teachers.