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Team Debrief

Name Perceived StrengthDevelopment Area

Focused, a very focused and KSAs, wants to improve more in
also very observant of what's using Google Sketchup and its
Nicholas going on in the team. Can give
constructive criticism after
functions so that he can be
more efficient in his work as a
observations. designer
CCS Focused, once he gets Communication, as his mother

Kai Xin Teow commited to a certain task, he

will complete the task
language is in Mandarin, he
tends to speak in Mandarin
effortlessly as soon as possible. often. Hence, he wants to
improve in speaking English in
order to convey his messages
Commitment, completes work KSAs, wants to improve her
on time and supports her knowledge in knowing the
Rachel Liong teammates in doing the same.
Also reminds teammates if they
contractors' roles, so that she
can try and help them.
have any unfinished work.
Name Perceived Strength
Development Area
Cooperative, does his part
well and tries to cooperate
KSAs, wants to improve by
searching for more
with his team members. information from the web
Gives opinions or ideas to to help the team out and
the team. learn different roles.
Wilson WongHelpful, tries to lend a hand Laziness, wants to improve
to his teammates in doing on his attitude and strives
work or lookout for to be a dilligent and better
teammates that are really teammate.
busy and give them a

Communication, Lack of focus, nds to be
communication with the more focused in giving
team members in English constructive ideas in order
fluently helps in sharing to complete work
knowledge and also it helps successfully.

Kaavyapriy the team completing work


Good teamwork


Good attitude
Improving our focus

Improving our KSA

Further improvement
in communication