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This document is for you to track the progress of your
production filming, editing and post-production.
This is so you can track what you did and how you did it,
explaining and amendments and changes you made and
tracking the decisions that have shaped the practical creation of
your music video.
The more detail you include about how you made your music
video, the better. The document is broken down in to two
sections, Filming and Editing, each of these is then made of
specific elements that occur in both.
For each slide there is a prompt detailing what you should
include, delete the prompt after you have complete the slide.
Remember, images often show what youve done more
effectively than words. Use text to explain an illustration.
Explain what worked and didnt work about your filming and how you managed this covering the following areas:
Technical Things that work well with the equipment are the tripod and the shoulder
mount. The shoulder mount was brilliant for getting up close and following the
character around. The tripod worked really well for panning and wide to medium shots.
The camera worked well the only thing that I would have liked to improve is towards
the end of filming it turned dark very fast and the camera was not set up for night time
Logistical The location work well for my video. I filmed in on forest attached to the
Knavesmire. I originally planned to film on the 25th however, the weather took a turn
and started to rain I didn'tt not have any waterproof cover to keep the equipment dry
so I proposed filming to the next day.
Personnel I was let down by one member of the crew I asked to join me whilst
making the video, in result of this I called someone else in to play their part. Overall, I
had 2 cast member that worked well.
Planning My planning help a lot. I already knew what I wanted to do for my music
video and who I wanted to be in it. My pre-production and production timetable I did for
my planning help me with the time scale I need to get the filming finished on time.
However, in my timetable I did not leave room for re-filming so this lead me to be
behind schedule.
Next steps- I did not change anything about my video other than a cast member. I
have collected and I am happy with all of the footage I have for my video, I shall not be
re-taking any.
*If you make any drastic changes to your video you MUST add this to your planning
documentation and state how and why this has happened
Where appropriate add stills from when you were filming,
annotate where necessary
Record your edit progress, decisions, problems, etc. in
this section
Include screenshots with annotations, statements, etc.
Try to explain how you worked and justify why you chose
to work the way you did.
Follow the structure and what to include on each slide as
this is necessary for evidence for assessment
In my Film and TV folder on my computer, I have folder
named Production where I have saved all my footage for my
video and my sound track.
First, I opened up premiere and selected
a new project, I left all the other
settings same. I named my music video
Hometown- Sammys Video, then I
chose to save it in my production folder.
Next, I came to a settings bar and set up
the file as a Digital DLSR (because this is
the format the footage was filmed on).
Then I set the video to DLSR 1080p25-
which means the video will be at 25
frames per second.
Adobe Premiere is now set up and ready
to load my footage and soundtrack.
Firstly, I imported my audio track into
premiere by dragging it over from my
production folder into my footage
section. I then dragged the audio onto
the timeline and started it at
Secondly, I had to move across all
selected footage. I dragged all of my
footage into premiere footage section.
To make this part move along faster it
is a good idea to sort out your footage
so you when which you would like to
use and move it over to the production
EDITING This is the viewpoint window which allows you
do view the footage on your timeline. You can

also do some little editing detailing in this
window such as split screen.

In this is a preview
window which allows
you to see your
footage before
dragging in on to the
timeline. You can
also decide to drag
just the audio or
visual as well as
added some little This is my sound
editing detail. bar. Here you can
see the sound
levels of your
audio clip. My
levels are not
This is the footage showing as my clip
bin where you is paused for this
import all you screenshot.
selected footage
and audio track.
You can also chose
do add some edits
onto your footage
through this window.
Here is the toolbar and tools where you
can selected different tools to carry out Here is the timeline where you
different operations. For example, the place all your footage and audio
encircled audio symbol allows you to track to create your music video.
drag just audio with no visual down to the

This is my timeline after I have set my

footage in order and added some effects
Here is my basic footage set where I have such as; colour correction, fades, overlaps,
ordered my footage. The green line is my audio etc.
and the blue spots are my footage been ordered
into place.
For improvements I spent time colour correcting the clips. This is
because my shots were taken on different days meaning the overall
colour of the clips did not match up. The first image was shot at
around 2.30pm which provided good ambient lighting so I made
little colour change to brighten the sky and other dulled colours.
The second image is from a video shot on the next day at around
4.00pm. This causes the clip to become dark and dull any colour so
I did so colour correction to provide the video with some
Here I have chosen to brighten up my dark clip by using the
lighting effects. I changed lighting effects to directional as it
gave off the best looking image. I also changed the flashback
footage on my video into a faded vintage yellow tinge to give
the feeling of the past. I used the colour correction tool for
Show how you exported your completed project, show which
settings you have used and explain your choice of file name
and where you have saved it
Export- I selected the timeline in Premiere because thats all I
wanted to export, I then clicked File-Export-Media.
Export settings- an export settings window appeared which
allowed me to change my export setting for my video, the
part of the video I wanted and the video and audio. I changed
the format to H.264. Exporting in this file format will make
my video suitable to be uploaded to youtube and it will save
as an MP4.