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Making Suburbs

Sustainable Living
Do you want to live
In ecology,sustainabilityis the
capacity to endure; it is how
biological systems remain diverse
and productive indefinitely. Long-
lived and healthy wetlands and
forests are examples
ofsustainablebiological systems.
In more general
Planning of the way we live, can have a significant
impact. Sadly, our own NSW government is
implementing a discredited and unsubstantiated
urban planning ideology, one that
actuallyreducessustainability andincreasesthe
human impact of Climate Change on our planet
- Doesnt a policy of urban consolidation mean
How can this
fewer be so?
car trips?
- Surely packing people into existing urban spaces
at higher densities means less impact on the
environment, not more?
-Why would our own government make such a
major error?
We should first acknowledge that the urban
consolidation ideology does have a certain beguiling
appeal on the surface. It justsoundsright the first
time we hear it - and so we never question it again.
But, as is so often the case, something that seems
commonsense at first glance, is actually proven
wrong once we have exposed the hidden facts.

- We (well, most of us anyhow!) have learned
that our world is not flat, even though it
seemed obvious to early explorers that they
might fall off the edge.
- We have learned to accept that the sun
does not go around the earth, even though it
certainly appears to do so at first glance.
Sustainability what do
The mean?
Department of Planning has specified the
sustainability aims for its high-density policies. In
response to our articleDictatorship of the high-
density bulliesthe Department replied with an
article that described itspolicy claimsfor
1. More use of public
2. Less car
3. Better air
4. Health
5. Less pollution from stormwater
Healthy and etc. andenvironmentsare necessary to the
survival of humans and otherorganisms. Ways of reducing
negative human impact areenvironmentally-friendly chemical
engineering,environmental resources
managementandenvironmental protection. Information is
gained fromgreen chemistry,earth science,environmental
scienceandconservation biology.Ecological