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Artificial Intelligent

Intelligent Agent

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Intelligent Agent
What is it???
An intelligent agent is a type of program that search,
retrieves and present information from the internet. This
program process of extract information from the internet
automatically. Intelligent agents are often used as a web
browsers, web site, news and online shopping. An
intelligent agent also called an agent or bot.
1.Data is stored in a knowledge-based manner, so employees can
enter and find answers or consult any time.

2.Help build the mechanism that is not bring human feelings into the
deciding factor.
Agent ?
A agent is anything that can be seen as perceiving its conditions
through sensors and following up on that conditions through
A human agent has eyes, ears, and other organs for be a sensor and
hands, legs, mouth, and other body parts for effectors
A mechanical agents have cameras and infrared range discoverers for
the sensors and different engines for the effectors
Sensor ?
An agent perceive conditions from environment through sensors

The full set of inputs at a given time is called percept

The present percept, or a orders of percepts can change the actions of

an agent
Effector ?
It can change conditions in environment through effectors

An operation including an effector is called action

Action can be set together into orders of action

Artificial Intelligence
The meaning of AI

the theory and development of computer systems able to

perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such
as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making,
and translation between languages.
Type of artificial intelligence
Weak AI
system that is designed and trained for a particular task.
Virtual personal assistants, such as Apple's Siri, are a
form of weak AI.
Strong AI
also known as artificial general intelligence, is an AI
system with generalized human cognitive abilities so
that when presented with an unfamiliar task, it has
enough intelligence to find a solution.

Overall goal of AI
create technology that allows computers and machines to function in
an intelligent manner. The general problem of simulating (or creating)
intelligence has been broken down into sub-problems.
Reasoning, problem solving Perception
Knowledge representation Motion and manipulation
Planning Social intelligence
Learning Creativity
Natural language processing General intelligence
History of AI
Timeline of AI