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Waste management on export

A new Swedish platform

Updated nov 2012

Aim with the new platform

To facilitate the export of

Swedish knowledge about waste
products and services within the
waste sector,
through cooperation among
municipalities, municipal companies
and the private sector.
Waste - a resource

Treatment of household waste 2011 (%)

Energy recovery
Biological treatment
Recycling (material)
A strategy based on cooperation

Swedish waste management

- municipalities
- municipal companies
- private companies (technology suppliers and knowledge suppliers)

One strong platform with a unique combination of competences

Avfall Sverige Swedish Waste Management

Avfall Sverige - Swedish Waste Management is an

organisation in the Waste Management and Recycling
400 members, primarily within the public sector, but
also private enterprises
Through the members, 99,9 % of the Swedish
population is represented
Our primary task is to represent and develop members
creating networks,
providing information and training,
and influencing decision-makers
Member of Cewep, ECN, ISWA and Municipal Waste
New established Working Group on Export
What we are doing

Defining offers to form a product catalogue

Making an inventory of resources matching the
Developing business models for co-operation
between municipalities and companies in order
to be able to form the strongest offer
Preparing a routine for canalize and asset
incoming requests
Taking part in pilot projects in different
countries to be able to further develop our
models and routines
Questions Matching offers

1. How do we find the form/organisation to Management on local, regional

achieve what we want with our waste and cluster level:
management system? Co-operation, organization, waste
economy, tax fee construction, etc

2. How should we form our waste Waste management in

management system on an overview
sustainable urban
System design, waste planning, solutions
for collection- and sorting systems

3. We are in the need of treatment capacity,

but we do not have the funds or time to Providing treatment capacity
prioritize to build up all capacity right now (incluing solutions for logistics)
as a transfer solution.
Questions Matching offers
Setting up different waste
4. We know what we want to build,
but we need support in setting facilities: Financing possibilities,
up the plant/facility. feasibility studies, procurement,
construction, etc

5. We have got a plant/ facility. But

we want to improve in running
Operation, support and
and maintain it, and get the most optimization of different
out of it.
waste facilities

6. We want to reach the public, the Communication and

decision makers or other
stakeholders with our message. campaigns (raise

7. We want to train our personnel. Training courses overseas

or in Sweden, offer
internship possibilities.
Contact and information

Project leader:
Jenny strm

Working group chair:

Thomas Nylund