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Oracle R12 Enhancements

Mahindra Satyam 2010

Oracle R 12 Overview - Data Security

Mahindra Satyam 2010 2

Oracle R 12 Overview - Multi Org

Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing



LE Ledger OU2


Mahindra Satyam 2010 3

Oracle R 12 Overview - Multi Org

In daily use

Run Reports
Operating Unit

Mahindra Satyam 2010 4

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Accounts Payables : Key Processes

Supplier Definition
Invoice Lines
Invoice Lines multi period accounting
Invoice Lines manual entry
Invoice Lines prepayment
Invoice Lines mass additions
Invoice Lines PO Matching
Retainage and Retainage Release

Mahindra Satyam 2010 5

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Supplier Definition in R 11.5.10

Mahindra Satyam 2010 6

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Supplier Definition in R 12

Supplier Management
Party ID

Mahindra Satyam 2010 7

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Supplier Definition in R 12 Vs R 11.5.10

Mahindra Satyam 2010 8

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Supplier Definition in R 12 Vs R 11.5.10

Mahindra Satyam 2010 9

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines

Mahindra Satyam 2010 10

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines

Mahindra Satyam 2010 11

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice - Create Accounting

Choose the
MODE in which FINAL
to create Accounting
accounting Entries
Transferred to GL

DRAFT Entries Posted
Determine to GL
Impact of Journal

Mahindra Satyam 2010 12

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines Multi period accounting

Deferred accounting

Mahindra Satyam 2010 13

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines Multi period accounting

Mahindra Satyam 2010 14

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice Creation Manual entry

Mahindra Satyam 2010 15

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines - Prepayment

Mahindra Satyam 2010 16

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines Mass Additions

Mahindra Satyam 2010 17

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines PO Matching

Mahindra Satyam 2010 18

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice lines PO Matching

Mahindra Satyam 2010 19

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Retainage and Retainage Release

Retainage is the common practice of withholding a fixed amount / percentage

of payment until all work under a contract is complete and accepted.
Retainage is also called retention or contractual withholds.
At the end of the project or when agreed events have occurred, the supplier
requests the amount retained and payment is made to release it.
Retainage comes under Complex Payments.

Contract amount 15,000, Retainage 20%

AMT Invoice Retain Amount Amount Paid
1. Stage - 8000 8000 1600 6400
2. Stage - 4000 4000 800 3200
3. Stage - 3000 3000 600 2400
Total 15,000 3,000 12,000

Release the Retained Amount, Once an Agreed event Occurred by Retainage Release

Mahindra Satyam 2010 20

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Retainage and Retainage Release

Enter Retainage A/c in

Financial Options

Mahindra Satyam 2010 21

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Retainage and Retainage Release

1. Navigate to Suppliers Window

3. Select

2. Select

4. Give Retainage Rate

Mahindra Satyam 2010 22
Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Creation of Complex Service Agreement in PO



Mahindra Satyam 2010 23

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details Select Complex Service
Agreement from list of Values


Mahindra Satyam 2010 24

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details
Enter Supplier and
Supplier Site

Go To

Mahindra Satyam 2010 25

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details

Enter Contract
Amount Click on

Enter Type as Fixed

Enter Contract
Price Services
Need by Date
Mahindra Satyam 2010 26
Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details


Enter Retainage

Enter Charge

Mahindra Satyam 2010 27

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details


Mahindra Satyam 2010 28

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details

Select Split to
Split the Contract
into Stages

Mahindra Satyam 2010 29

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
After completion move to
the Distributions Tab

Give the Need

by Date

Enter Type as Split the Contract amt

Lump Sum
Mahindra Satyam 2010 30
Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Service Agreement creation - Details
Complex Service Agreement has been
Approved. Agreement NO is- 5546

Mahindra Satyam 2010 31

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice Creation and Invoice lines

Enter the
Enter the Agreement No
Invoice Amt

Match Invoice with the


Mahindra Satyam 2010 32

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Invoice Matching
Select the Match Amount

Click on Match after Selecting

Mahindra Satyam 2010 33

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Quick Payment

10 percent of the Total amt got

automatically got Retained

Go to Actions and Pay the


Mahindra Satyam 2010 34

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Out of 25,000 invoice amt 2,500
got retained and amount paid to
Supplier is 22,500

Mahindra Satyam 2010 35

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Retainage Release

Select PO Number

Select Invoice Type Enter Invoice Amt

as Retainage to be Released

Go to Match and Match

the Agreement

Mahindra Satyam 2010 36

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes
Retainage Release

Select The Po line to be Matched

Release the Amount

After Release go to Payment

work Bench and Pay the Amount

Mahindra Satyam 2010 37

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Bank Account Definition

Mahindra Satyam 2010 38

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Centralized Banking Model

Bank account is now
associated with LE
entity rather than
Operating Unit
LE Single bank account
serves multiple
Operating Units
Any and all Operating
Units associated with a
ledger can be
permitted to use the
bank account
Inventory Receivable Projects

Work in Purchasing Payables Assets


Mahindra Satyam 2010 39

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Pay invoices from different OUs with 1 instruction

New Payments Module

OU A New Bank Model
New Bank & Credit Card


OU C Single
Payment Bank Payments

Sub Ledger

Mahindra Satyam 2010 40

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Workflow Notifications

Mahindra Satyam 2010 41

Oracle R 12 AP Key Changes

Approve / Reject Notifications

Mahindra Satyam 2010 42

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Enhanced Mass Additions

R12 New Features

New attributes added to FA_Mass_Additions
Asset Life
Depreciation Method
Prorate Convention
Bonus Rule
Allowed Depreciation limit
Allowed Depreciation limit amount
Salvage type
Percent salvage value
Web ADI Mass Additions template enhanced to include new

Mahindra Satyam 2010 43

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Enhanced Mass Additions

Legacy conversions
Web ADI template for Asset Mass additions enhanced to add
additional columns

New columns added

Mahindra Satyam 2010 44

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Automatic Preparation of Mass Additions

Choice of 3 types of rules to Prepare Mass Additions:

Use Default
Use Custom
Use Custom Energy

Mahindra Satyam 2010 45

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Automatic Preparation of Mass Additions

Mass Addition Rules

Default Rule : Asset Category derived from
Asset Clearing Account
> if one to one match is available

Expense account derived from Asset clearing

account, by replacing natural account segment.

Custom Rule: Rule defined in API


Custom Energy:Energy industry custom rule

Mahindra Satyam 2010 46

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Asset Depreciation in R 11

Roll Back Process in 11i


Run Adjustment Depreciation Create
Depreciation required for for entire Adjustment
Asset Book


Mahindra Satyam 2010 47

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Asset Depreciation in R 12

Asset Adjustment
Book required for

Run Create Rollback of
Depreciation Adjustment Depreciation
for asset

(Adjusted asset)

Mahindra Satyam 2010 48

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Automatic Depreciation Roll back

Conditions for Automatic Rollback:

Depreciation processed for the period and
The period is not closed

Adjusted Asset depreciated in next depreciation run.

Rollback Depreciation program (R11i) is now obsolete

Mahindra Satyam 2010 49

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Standard Reports Text Output

Mahindra Satyam 2010 50

Oracle R 12 FA Key Changes

Standard Reports XML Output

Mahindra Satyam 2010 51

Oracle R 12 GL Key Changes

Accounting Setup Manager

Legal Entities Ledgers

Operating Units

Accounting Setup

Inter & Intra Accounting &

Company Reporting
Accounting Sequences

Mahindra Satyam 2010 52

Oracle R 12 GL Key Changes


Main, record-keeping ledger Optional, additional

Defined by 4Cs: accounting representations
Chart of accounts of your primary ledger
Accounting calendar Can differ in one or more of
Primary currency the following from the
Sub ledger Accounting primary ledger:
Method Chart of accounts
Accounting calendar
Primary currency
Subledger Accounting

Mahindra Satyam 2010 53

Oracle R 12 GL Key Changes

Accounting Setup

Maintaining Multiple Accounting Representations with Secondary Ledgers

L Legal Entity
g Accounting
E Corporate Ledger Local Statutory
n (Primary Ledger) Ledger
ti (Secondary
ty Ledger)


Subledger Transactions

Transaction Other

Mahindra Satyam 2010 54

Oracle R 12 GL Key Changes

Manual Journals

Mahindra Satyam 2010 55

Oracle R 12 GL Key Changes



Cross validation rules prevent the Security gives you the capability to
combination of certain segment values in restrict the set of values a user can use
the chart of accounts. during data entry

Mahindra Satyam 2010 56

MSAT Oracle Practice - Highlights

Rated # 3 by Forrester Research among the worlds leaders in Oracle implementation capabilities

3000+ consultant strong Oracle ecosystem within Satyam 1700+ Oracle EBS consultants

600+ successful engagements in Oracle EBS in last 15 years including 400+


Implementations across 45 countries in NA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Significant investment in delivery accelerators and emerging technologies of Oracle EBS

One of the largest Middleware Practices with team of 250+ consultants

30+ R12 Implementations and worlds first 11.0.3 to R12 Upgrade

Mahindra Satyam 2010 57

Oracle EBS Key Engagements

Oracle EBS R11.5.8 or higher

Finance & Projects Supply Chain & MFg HRMS CRM

GL, AP, AR, CM, FA Purchasing HRMS Service Contracts

Oracle Products

EPB iProcurement, Isupplier SSHR isupport

FCH Inventory, WMS Payroll Teleservice
Project Costing Order Management Benefits Field Service
Project Billing Quoting, Istore OTL Advanced Scheduler
Project Contracts Configurator OLM Depot Repair
Project Management Manufacturing Installed Base
PRM ASCP Marketing
Property Manager Sales
Sample Customers

WHO GE Infrastructure WHO Cisco

Balfour Beatty Gates Unitta Asia Balfour Beatty Umniah Mobile Co
Cisco Nissan Motors Kent County Council Qatar Telecom
Emirates Bank Bausch and Lomb Virgin Atlantic Fuji Xerox
Zain Telecom Air India Central Bank of Kuwait DCCI
Petroplus Safaricom Central Bank of Ghana Nissan
National Bank of Kuwait Kuwait Danish Dairy Royal Jordanian Stevenage Borough
Eagle Global Logistics Savola Industries Saudi Hollandi Bank MTC Vodafone
Etihad Airways ITC ILTD Qatar National Bank Qatar Steel
GE Corporate Birla Copper Logitech
Central Bank of Ghana GE Healthcare

Mahindra Satyam 2010 58

Oracle EBS Resource Composition

EA Group Resource break up Oracle EBS Resource break up

Oracle EBS Functional break up

Source: SHINE database as of 2nd March, 2010

Mahindra Satyam 2010 59

Service Offering Oracle EBS
Consulting, Implementation & Rollout

Complex Oracle Apps implementation and

UN Organization
rollout to143 countries.

Implementation of large Oracle Apps footprint

Construction Major with industry-specific custom developed
UK modules. Rollout to 4 units. Currently
Providing Application and Database Support.
Multiple instance installation of Oracle Apps
Telecom Leader in
R12 in 15 countries. Complex integrations
Middle East
with POS and Billing systems
Oracle Apps R11.5.10 Implementation
Leading Airlines in West
Involving complex supply chain processes
and integration with airline-specific systems.

Logistics Service Implementation of Oracle Financials & HRMS

provider in the US solution covering all lines of business

Complete financial solution including financial

Leading Banking group consolidation of group entities using
in the UAE advanced Oracle modules and core banking

Our Strengths

Mahindra Satyam 2010 60

Oracle EBS - Implementations
Client Engagement Details
World Health Organization (WHO) Implementation of Oracle Applications 11i10 covering Project Management, Financials, Procurement
and SCM, HRMS& Payroll; Global rollout

Balfour Beatty Constructions, UK Implementation of Oracle Financials, Procurement, Projects and HRMS.; Custom development of
industry-specific bolt-on modules

GE Infrastructure Implementation of Oracle Mfg, SCM, ASCP, Financials and Projects for Wind Energy division

Virgin Atlantic Airways, UK Implementation of HRMS, Payroll, Standard Benefits, T&A, SSHR, iRecruitment

Emirates Airlines, UAE Implementation of Financials, HRMS and Procurement. Developed custom components.

Dubai Duty Free, Dubai Implementation of Rel. 11.5.2 of Oracle Financials, HRMS, Distribution modules and OLAP tools

National Bank of Dubai, Dubai Implementation of Oracle GL, AP and integration with Core Banking system

Safaricom, Kenya Implementation of Warehouse Mgmt. System, HRMS, Enterprise Project Mgmt. System

Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation Implementation of Financials, Project Costing, Inventory,& HRMS

Air India Implementation of R11i10 Financials, Purchasing, iSupplier, iProcurement, Sourcing, and OM

ITC ILTD (India) Oracle Process Manufacturing, Financials, Procurement & HRMS; Custom Development

Etihad Airways Implementation of R11i10 Core Financials, iExpenses, iProcurement, Purchasing, Inventory)

American Express - Bahrain Implementation of Oracle Apps R11.5.8 Financials, iExpenses, Purchasing, OFA, Discoverer

Umniah Mobile Company - Jordan Implementation of Oracle CRM, Financials and Distribution modules of Release 11i 10

Qatar Telecom Field Sales, Quoting, Configurator, Proposal and Sales Intelligence; MobileSupply Chain (11i10)

Gates Unitta Japan & South Korea Implementation of Oracle Apps.R11.5.10 covering: Financials, Mfg., Distribution and iSupplier

Aviva Singapore, Hong Kong, Implementation of Oracle Financials modules and rollout to Hong Kong and Thailand as well
Bausch & Lomb Implementation of Oracle Applications Release 11.5.9 - Discrete Manufacturing, BOM, MPS /
MRP,WIP, Quality, and Cost Management ; Financials, Procurement

Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals Ltd Implementation of OPM, Financials, eAM, CRM, Distribution, Projects, and OLAP tools

Mahindra Satyam 2010 61

Oracle EBS Rollouts
Client Name Engagement Details
Word Health Organization Implementation of Oracle Applications Covering a user base of about 12,000 spread across their
HO in Geneva, six regional offices and over 145 country offices
Modules covered-Oracle Projects, Financials, Procurement, HR and Payroll suite

GE-GBS Implementation of a single consolidated instance of Oracle Applications

Modules covered- Financials, Projects, Inventory, Purchasing and Order Management

Balfour Beatty Implementation & Customization of Oracle Apps 11.5.8 for BB and several business entities
Modules covered -HRMS, Financials, Procurement & Projects.

Eagle Global Logistics Rollout of Oracle Financials and HRMS to about 50 countries in APAC, EMEA, North America
and Latin America

Gates Unetta Implementation and rollout of Oracle Applications across Gates Unettas offices and facilities in
South Korea and Japan.

Bio Reliance Rollout of Oracle application to its operations across UK

Modules: GL, AP, AR, FA, Purchasing, Inventory, and Order Mgmt, CRM: Sales & Marketing

Zain Telecom Multiple instance Implementation of Oracle Application R- 12(Financials, Supply Chain, HR & Pay
roll) covering Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, KSA and 14 African countries

GE - Healthcare Rollout of Oracle Apps across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines units

Smith International Rollout of Oracle Applications release at UK, China and Dubai
Modules : GL, AP, AR, CM, MRC, Order Mgmt, PO, Inventory, BOM, WIP, Costing & MRC

Petroplus Implementation and Rollout of Oracle Applications in EMEA region

American Eagle Tanker (AET) Implementation & rollout of Oracle Apps across 16 Legal Entities in Singapore, Malaysia, USA
and UK

Watania Telecom Implementation of Oracle Apps in Kuwait, Iraq and Tunisia & Algeria

Alshaya Group Rollout of Oracle Applications for its different locations across Kuwait, Cyprus and Egypt

Merrill Lynch Rollout of Oracle Applications for its different locations

GE PII Oracle Implementation Implementation and rollout of Oracle Applications

Schneider International Rollout of Oracle Apps solution in its different businesses across Canada,USA.

Mahindra Satyam 2010 62

Service Offering Oracle EBS
Support & Maintenance

SLA-based 24x7 Level 2 and Level 3 Support

(including CEMLIs and DBA Support). Highly
Leading Airlines in
complex IT environment - host of ERP
Australia applications and custom-built industry-specific
applications; Engagement since 2005

Global leader in 24x7 Support across USA, Europe and APAC

Involving multiple versions of Oracle Apps
networking and custom modules. Engagement since
solutions 2002.

24x7 Level 2 Functional Support of Oracle

Leading High-tech Apps across US, UK, and APAC.
manufacturer Level 3 Support for CEMLI components.
DBA support for non-Production instances

24x7 Technical Support for Oracle

Leading Energy Co. Applications and Compatible Applications for
in the US 13+ instances. Multi-lingual support across
US, Europe and APAC
SLA-based 24x7 DBA Support for multiple
Global giant in
Databases: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server &
Financial Services Sybase

Our Strengths

Mahindra Satyam 2010 63

Oracle EBS Support Engagements
Client Engagement Details
Qantas Application Support of Oracle Applications 11.5.9 covering HRMS, Financials,
Distribution and CRM; OFA, Discoverer, Oracle iHub and iFS; Nature of Support:
Level 2 and Level 3 (including CEMLIs and DBA Support)
Agilent Technologies Oracle Apps 11.5.6 Financials, Manufacturing, OM, Procurement and SCM
modules; DBA Support for Oracle
GE Energy Oracle Applications 11i, Financials, O2C, P2P, Mfg, CRM, Compatible Apps
US Networking Major (CISCO) Oracle Financials 11i
CIBER Oracle Apps Technical Support
Balfour Beatty Onsite and offshore support for Custom modules developed & implemented
GE Medical Systems Global Oracle Apps 11i Support for Financials & Manufacturing modules
Merrill Lynch Database Support - Oracle 7.x, 8.x,9.x,10.x ; Weblogic; SQL Server 7.0 and SQL
Sybase 7.x,8.x,9.x,10.x,11.x,12,x; IBM DB2 Ver 7.x, 8.x on OS/390
Hitachi Data Systems Support for Oracle Apps 10.7 and custom components.
Europes leading Petroleum giant Production Support of Oracle Applications 10.7 and 11.0.3
End-to-end support service to a home grown ERP package
DBA Support for Oracle 7.x to 9.x
US Semiconductor Major Oracle Apps 11i Manufacturing modules
GE Card Services Oracle Financials, OFA and third party applications
Genworth Oracle Applications 11.0.3 - Financials, Purchasing, OFA and Client-specific
applications; DBA Support for Oracle 8i

Mahindra Satyam 2010 64

Service Offering Oracle EBS
Upgrade / Migrations

Worlds first Oracle Apps R12

Leading airline in APAC Upgrade from R11.0.3

Upgrade of Oracle Apps R11.0.3 to

Worlds leading credit card R11i involving Financials and
and payment solutions Procurement modules;
company Data Migration from SAP to Oracle
11.5.7 at their acquired company

Upgrade of Oracle Financials,

Leading Airport authority in HRMS and Procurement
Europe applications from R11.0.3 to 11.5.10;
Innovative HDM solution

Upgrade of Oracle Financials from

Leading retailer in the US R11.0.3 to R11.5.10

Upgrade of Oracle Financials from

40+ upgrade/migration US-based Leading Logistics
R 11.5. 8 to 11.5.10 and DB from
engagements company 8.7.4 to

Off shoring 30 % 60% Upgrade of Oracle Financials,

Leading Dairy products Process Mfg, Procurement, HRMS
company in Middle East and Order Mgmt from R11.0.3 to
Our Strengths

Mahindra Satyam 2010 65

Oracle EBS Upgrade Customers
Client Engagement Details
Merrill Lynch Upgrade of Oracle Applications R10.7 to R11i involving Financials and Project Accounting modules
Brocade - US Upgrade of Oracle Applications from R11.0.3 to R11i involving Financials, Procurement, Order Mgmt, HRMS
and CRM

British Airport Authority Upgrade of Oracle Financials, HRMS and Procurement applications from R11.0.3 to 11.5.10
Master Card Upgrade of Oracle Applications R11.0.3 to R11i involving Financials and Procurement modules; Data
Migration from SAP to Oracle 11.5.7 for Europay operations

Hitachi Data systems Migration of Oracle Applications 10.7 to 11i covering: Oracle Financials, Projects, Purchasing, Order
Management, Inventory, and HRMS

US Networking Leader (Cisco) Migration from Oracle Applications R10.7 to R11i for Procure to Pay track
Party City Upgrade of Oracle Financials applications from R11.0.3 to R11.5.10
Imperial College, UK Upgrade of Oracle Financials Applications from 11.5.7 to 11.5.8 & Customization
Roll International Upgrade of Oracle Applications comprising of Oracle Financials, Process Manufacturing, and Distribution
Applications from R11.5.9 to R11.5.10

Ministry of Education, Singapore Upgrade of Oracle Financials from R10.7 to 11.5.9 along with custom-modules
NTUC Fairprice - Singapore Upgrade of Oracle Applications from R11.0.3 to R11.5.8 involving Financials, Purchasing, Inventory along
with bolt on modules and alignment of business processes

Makro Cash & Carry - China Upgrade the existing Oracle system from 10.7 to 11i along with the customization
Kuwait Danish Dairy, Kuwait Upgrade of Oracle Financials, Process Mfg, Procurement, HRMS and Order Mgmt from R11.0.3 to R11.5.10

Suhail Bahwan, Oman Upgrade of Oracle Applications from R11.0.3 to R 11.5.9 involving Financials, Inventory, Order Management,
Purchasing and 6 Bolt-on modules

AH Alshaya - Kuwait Upgrade of Oracle Financial, Purchasing and Property Manager Modules from R11.5.6 to R11.5.9
Watania Telecom - Kuwait Upgrade of Oracle Financials from R.11.0 3 to 11.5.9
Sony Migration of Oracle Applications Financial modules from R10.7 to R11.02 on UNIX environment
Eagle Global Logistics Upgrade of Oracle Financials modules from 11.5.8 to 11.5.10 and DB from 8.7.4 to

Mahindra Satyam 2010 66

Service Offering Oracle EBS
Development / Technical Services

Bolt-on modules to meet the construction

industry requirements viz., plant hire
Construction Major in maintenance, Sub contractor, Tender buying etc
UK Complex customizations in Projects, Finance &
several custom reports for supporting statutory

Leading tobacco Custom Solutions for mobile data capturing;

Bolt-on module for Crop Development &
processing and Crop size estimation using statistical tools
cigarette Mfr. in India and data-mining techniques

Wide range of RICE services

Development of bolt-on modules Travel,
UN Organization in strategic management, Project Budget
Europe Proposal System (PBPS), and integrating it
with Oracle Grants Accounting
50+ development support
engagements (excluding Development of complex Dealer
overlaps) Auto Major in APAC Management system and integration with
Oracle Apps
Off shoring 70 % 80%
Logistics Service Web services development using BPEL ESB
provider in the US and developing OTM Extension using ADF

Our Strengths

Mahindra Satyam 2010 67

Oracle EBS Technical Services

Client Engagement Details

Development of bolt-on modules to meet the construction industry requirements viz., plant hire maintenance, Sub contractor modules, GRN Entry
Balfour Beatty simplifications, BBIG bolt on, Tender buying, complex customizations in Projects, Finance & HRMS, Integration with Project Mgmt application and
estimation tools & several custom reports for supporting legislative & statutory requirements.
Standardization, simplification & development of common global design for 143 countries, consolidated monthly reporting for various entities, Bolt on
WHO development for Travel and meeting management, Work Plan Entry Tool, HR Action plan tool, WHO Requisition Registration Tool.
RICE services in the areas of Grants Accounting, Self service HR, Procurement, Projects Management, Finance and Development of bolt-on module
ILO Travel, strategic management, Project Budget Proposal System (PBPS), and integrating it with Oracle Grants Accounting
Complex Custom Solutions for mobile data capturing, computing and online data transfer using hand held terminals
ITC -ILTD Custom module development for Crop Development & Crop size estimation using statistical tools and data-mining techniques

Cisco Systems Developed numerous RICE components for CIBER project over the past 4 years

Custom workflow in high transaction areas such as Leave Process, Loans Process, Staff Transfers & Promotions, Staff Requisitions,
Union National Custom development of E-Resourcing website and interface to the HRMS System
Bank Custom dev. of Library Mgmt. bolt-on module enabling online requesting, booking and searching for a resource based on multiple search criteria.
Interfaces for handling the Performance Mgmt. System, based on Balance Score Card Approach including online calculation of appraisal scores.
Development of complex Dealer Management system and integration with Oracle (This was well appreciated by Oracle & select functionality was
Nissan incorporated as enhancement in the subsequent version of APAC CRM localization)

Development of Custom components: Crew Rostering, Passage Admin, Airline Creditors, Interface Process Manager, Extensive Custom Validations
Emirates Airlines Deployment of a Defect tracking application along with another application for Version control of all custom developments (CCC-HARVEST)
Automation of Requisition and Store Issue process with Workflow customizations.

Bolt-on / Custom development for Dispatch Module, Kitting Module, and Sourcing module customization to suite Public Sector control norms; Swipe
Air India card integration ; Development & Integration of Data Mart
Mashreq Bank Development of Provision Calculation System & Balances Reconciliation System for Oracle Apps.
Development of Custom modules for Markup/ down of Retail Prices, Collections & Lodgments, and Time & Attendance
Duty Free Developed Custom Forms (Bilingual) for submitting requests for New Lease, Renewal, Termination, Transfer etc.
Customized Web Pages for the E-portal to submit the requests from Portal (Bilingual); Several Custom Workflows
AL Shaya Developed over 250+ Custom Reports
Customization / integration works: management for In-ward / Out-ward movement of material, Interface with Existing Payroll System, Deckle planning
Khanna Papers system (Custom bolt-on module)
Caprihans Custom Modules, Outward Freight, Process Planning, Sales Order Approval Workflow
Custom-built POS
Umniah Telecom Custom-built Dealer Management System
NMTC Localization of the Oracle Payroll as per Kuwait-specific and local statutory requirements
NTUC Fair Price Developed Localizations

Gati Ltd Custom development of enterprise operations management system for a transport and logistics industry and integrating with Oracle apps

Mahindra Satyam 2010 68

Global Delivery Engine

Rich experience as System Integrator by serving customers in more than 45 countries

Investments in building language capabilities and competencies around country-specific localizations to
serve our customers effectively across the globe
Global talent acquisition aligning with our regional spread.
Integrated Project Management leveraging RightSourcing TM
Projects managed like integrated business the SatyamWayTM

Global Delivery Centers in EMEA and APAC apart from INDIA

China Egypt Malaysia Hungary

Current State Current State

80+ Oracle Apps Current State 45+ Oracle Apps Current State
Consultants 35+ Oracle Apps Consultant 15+ Oracle Apps
Consultants Consultant
Advantage Advantage
Mandarin language Advantage Near-shore, delivery Advantage
capability French and Arabic for ASEAN countries Near-shore, delivery
Language Capability for European countries
Future State Future State
150+ member team in Future State 100+ consultants in 12 Future State
12 months 100+ member team months 25+ consultants in 12
serving Africa & ME months
clients in 12 months
Mahindra Satyam 2010 69
Oracle R12 Capabilities
1. Schneider International, USA
2. Cisco Systems, USA
3. Ministry of Defense, Oman
4. Emirates Bank Group, UAE
5. Abahsain Group, Saudi,
6. Budget Rent a Car, Saudi
7. Ajman Government, UAE
8. Birla Copper, India
9. MKM Holdings, UAE
10. Jumeirah Group, UAE
11. Salam International, UAE
12. ASPIRE (Academy of Sports
13. ADAT
14. Dubai Silicon
15. Galfar Engineering
16. Zain Telecom
17. Aviva Ltd
18. Watania Air
19. Sourough Properties
20. Dubai Insurance Group
21. Equity Bank
22. Central Bank of Kenya
23. LOLC Sri Lanka
24. Bank of Muscat International
25. Abu Dhabi Education Council
26. GDI- Doha
27. Unity Bank
28. ETA Freight Star
29. Air India
30. Sri Lankan Airlines (Upgrade)

Joint initiative for Release 12i : Functional Testing Mahindra Satyam 2010 70
Matured Alliance

Strategic alliance with Oracle

Worldwide Platinum Partner

Alliance with Oracle since 1996

Participation in product re-engineering programs (iSetup)

Extensive enablement programs and assistance with strategic engagements

Joint development and marketing of domain-specific solutions with Oracle

High level of support from Oracle on new technologies, updates etc special focus
to Satyam

Engagement level joint working pre-sales, sales, project execution

Mahindra Satyam 2010 71

Analyst Ratings & Awards


Partner of the Year Systems Integrator - 2007 Best Partner Acquired Applications - 2007

Partner of the Year Business Excellence - 2006 Partner of the Year - 2006

Outstanding Systems Integrator - 2005

Mahindra Satyam 2010 72


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Safe Harbor
This document contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of section 27A of Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and
section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. The forward-looking statements contained herein are subject to
certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those reflected in the forward-looking
statements. Satyam undertakes no duty to update any forward-looking statements. For a discussion of the risks associated with our
business, please see the discussions under the heading Risk Factors in our report on Form 6-K concerning the quarter ended
September 30, 2008, furnished to the Securities and Exchange Commission on 07 November, 2008, and the other reports filed with
the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time. These filings are available at http://www.sec.gov

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