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Romanian Dress

Romanian dress refers to the traditional clothing

worn by Romanians, who live primarily
in Romania and Moldova. Today, the vast
majority of Romanians wear modern style dress
on most occasions, and the garments described
here largely fell out of use during the 20th
century. However, they can still be seen in more
remote areas, on special occasions, and at
ethnographic and folk events. Each historical
region has its own specific variety of costume.

Romanian traditional Transylvania or Ardeal

The western plains: Lower Mure
clothing can be classified Plain, Cri Plain (Criul Negru, Criul
according to seven Alb, Criul Repede), Lower Some
Plain (Oa Country)
traditional regions. These Banat, including Timis,
can be further subdivided Meadow and Cara-Severin
by ethnographic zones, Wallachia,
including Oltenia and Muntenia
which may range The Lower Danube,
between 40 and 120, including Brgan, Dobruja and
southern Moldavia
depending on the criteria Moldavia,
used. The seven main including Bessarabia, Bukovina and Tr
regions are: Balkans or Romanians of the Balkan
The name Transylvania, which is used by the
Romanians, comes from Latin, and simply means 'The
land beyond the forest'.

The women's costume is fairly uniform over this

area, consisting of an embroidered chemise and
double apron, differing only in details of
ornament. The mens' varies even less, consisting
of a tunic and narrow pants, either linen or wool,
having a very medieval look to it.
Oas Country
More than any
nii wear their
traditional suit to
and popular
holidays and
folcloric ocasions
Banatean popular
costume ,made
from ie and canvas
in cotton,
embroidered by
Wallachia including Oltenia and Muntenia
The traditional national costume is
now only found in museums and in
some family collections. The female's
traditional garment consists of a white
embroidered blouse, an embroidered
vest trimmed with sheep fleece, and a
white skirt with lace on the hem,
usually covered by a black
embroidered overskirt. The male
costume consists of a white
embroidered shirt, a vest similar to the
women's, white pants, a hat decorated
with peacock feathers or flowers, or a
sheep fleece cap, and a wide belt.
Both men and women wear opinci.
Bucovina is a space
where Romanian folk
traditions keept their
purity. Even the air is
clean here because is
one of the most forested
Areas of the country.
Region Keeps the
civilization mark due to
inclusion in the
Habsburg Empire in