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Industrial training project


Submitted by: Swarn Singh

Roll no:-1311344

Department:-Building technologies(B.T)
H.o.d:-Mr. Jagjeevan Singh Bhullar
Project:-F.A.S(Fire Alarm System)
Project location:-DLF Camellias(sector-42, Gurgaon golf course road)
Contractor:-Leighton INDIA
A fire alarm system has a number
of devices working together to

F.A.S(Fire detect and warn people through

visual and audio appliances when
smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or
other emergencies are present.
These alarms may be

System) automatically activated form smoke

detectors, and heat detectors or
may also be activated via manual
fire alarm activation devices such
as manual call points or pull
Alarms can be motorized bells or
either walls mountable sounders or
Fire Alarm Systems are used to protect life and
It protects by:
Detecting a fire at an early stage
Alerting and evacuating occupants
Notifying the relevant personnel
Activating auxiliary functions e.g. smoke
Why use a Fire Alarm
System? controls, lift homing etc
Identifying and guiding fire fighters
What is a Fire Alarm
System made up of?
The fire alarm designer undertakes to detail specific
F.A.S components, arrangements and interfaces
necessary to accomplish the goals( the minimum
Design levels of protection mandated by the appropriate
model building code, insurance agencies, and other
In the United States, NFPA 72, The National Fire
Alarm Code is an established and widely used
installation standard.
EN 54 is a mandatory standard for fire detection
and fire alarm systems in the European Union.
Fire alarm control panel
Components Circuit Designing
Monitor module
Fire fighters telephone jack
Smoke detector
Heat detector
Response indicator
Fire fighters telephone
Manual call point
Fault isolator module
Hooter cum strobe
Control Module
FireFinder XLS
Advanced Fire Alarm Control Panel
1 Manufacturer Siemens

2 Model XLS

3 Capacity Up to 2500 addressable point

4 LCD Display 6 Backlit LCD Display

5 Programmable Field programming via portable laptop

6 Input Voltage 120/240V AC, 50/60 Hz

7 LED LED Indication for all card

8 Custom Message 800 Character Custom Message

9 Language Multi Language
Fire Finder XLS is a microprocessor-based, advanced
life-safety system that has a 6" display and large,
lighted buttons; making it a highly intuitive fire-alarm

XLS user interface. Fire Finder XLS is ideally suited for

commercial, institutional and industrial fire detection and
notification applications.
system Fire Finder XLS is Factory Mutual (FM #3010)
Approved; as well as California State Fire Marshals
Overview (CSFM #7165-0067:0222) and NYC Fire Department
(#6160) Approved.
The Fire Finder XLS system has been seismic qualified
in accordance with:
International Building Code, 2006 Edition
California Building Code, 2007 Edition
ASCE Standard 7, 2005 Edition
OSHPD, OSP-0057-10
OSHPD CAN 2-1708A.5, Rev. 3
ICC-ES AC 156, effective 1/1/2007
Fire Finder A basic Fire Finder XLS FACP
consists of the following subassemblies:
PMI-2 Person Machine Interface (Model PMI-2);
Power Supply (Model PSC-12);
Device Loop Card (Model DLC);
Zone Indicating Card (Model ZIC-4A);
Card cage (Model CC-5);
Inner Door Blank Single Plate (Model ID-SP);
CAB-1, CAB-2 or CAB-3 enclosures
Requires a 24V D.C battery for power supply.
Types of fire alarm system in use today are:-
Circuit designing Addressable
(contd.) Hybrid
There are two class of circuits that are
being employed in circuit designing
Circuit designing is
done on the terms and 1. Class-AIn class-A connection type the
conditions as per circuit starts from fire panel(XLS) and
terminates at fire panel(XLS).
required by the customer.
2. Class-B In class-B connection type the
It also depends on the circuit starts from fire panel(XLS) and
situation and the area of terminates at the field. Usually a (.7)
place at which the (F.A.S) resistor is used to terminate the 24V
has to be installed D.C circuit wire.
. The number of devices that can be
The whole designing is connected to a single loop is limited to
done on the software 256 devices per loop emerging from
called AutoCAD. panel.
HFP-11(smoke detector)

HFPT-11(heat detector)
Model HFP-11 utilizes
PROPERTY DATA advanced detection
1 Manufacturer Siemens that allows each detector to
2 Model HFP-11 distinguish nonthreatening
Product 3 Detector Base DB-11e deceptive phenomena such
as cigarette
overview 4
Type of
Addressable Smoke
Detector smoke, from actual fire
hazards, while optimizing
(HFP-11) 5 Programmable
Field Programmable by
DPU device programmer
detection for the area it is
6 Input Voltage 24V DC intended to detect. Model
HFP-11 uses state-of-the-art
Multi color detector LED
status microprocessor circuitry
8 Max. spacing 30 foot centers (900 sq. ft) with error check, detector
self-diagnostics and
supervision programs.
The HFPT-11 detector uses

HFPT-11 a state-of-the-art thermostat
providing 135F fixed
No temperature and 15 per
1 Manufacturer Siemens minute rate-of-rise alarm
2 Model HFPT-11 points.
3 Detector base DB-11E Microprocessor Based Design
Rate of Rise and Fixed
Addressable Heat Detector (Fixed Heat and Rate of
4 Type of detector
rise) Temperature
Innovative Technology
5 Programmable Field Programmable by DPU device programmer
Provides High Speed,
6 Input Voltage 24V DC Fault Tolerant System/Detector
7 LED Multi color detector LED status Communications
8 Max. spacing 50 foot centers (2500 sq. ft)
Multi-Color Detector Status
9 Language Multi Language

The model RI works

with a Fire detector.
The red LED on the
RI lights when its
associated detector
goes into alarm.
Durable design
Shock-and-vibration resistant
Single-action (Model HMS-S) and double-action
(Model HMS-D) stations
Pull-down lever is down, until manually reset
Reset with Allen Key
Manual Call No break rods necessary

Point Custom microcomputer-chip technology

Polarity insensitive via SureWireTM technology
(HMS-S/D) Dynamic supervision to the fire-alarm control
Device Programmer Unit (Model DPU) programs
and verifies address and tests functionality of each
Electronic-address programming (EEPROM)
is easier, as well as more efficient,
Surface or semi-flush installation
Hooter Cum
(Notification Appliance-ZH&ZR)
Audible/Visual notification
appliances are listed for outdoor
use only.
Appliances are listed under UL
Standard 1971( Standard for
safety signaling devices for
Hearing Impaired) and UL
Standard 464 (Fire Protective
Produces a minimum flash rate
of 60 flashes per minute.
Are addressable with control
modules and are polarity
A 24v D.C wire directly from
fire panel gives the power
Monitor Module
Overview(HTRI-S) No

Interfacing and supervising 1 Manufacturer Siemens

normally open (N.O)
2 Model HTRI-S
or normally closed (N.C) contacts
Integral single-pole, double- 3 Programmable Easy Programmable by DPU field device programmer
throw (SPDT) relay on
Model HTRI-R (up to 4 amps) 4 LED Multi Color LED Indicates Status

Dual input on Model HTRI-D, 5 Input Voltage 24V DC

using a single address
6 Relay Single Input Module
Polarity insensitive with
SureWireTM technology 7 Polarity Polarity Insensitive with sure wire TM Technology
Dynamic supervision
8 Technology Micro Computer Chip Technology
Two-wire operation
Multi-color light-emitting diode 9 Mounting 4 square 2 deep box or Double gang box

(LED) indicates system status: 10 Operating Temperature 0C to 49C

11 Humidity 0-93% Relative Humidity
Mounts in a 4-inch (10.2 cm.)
square, 2 (5.7 cm.) 12 Approval UL, ULC Listed, FM, CSFM & NYMEA
Control Module

Note:- 1. Control Module can

be used as a monitor module
by connecting the flow switch
to ports 3&4 .
2. Usually ports 3&4 of control
module are terminated by
connecting the resistors.
3. The resistors used to
terminate ports 3&4 are of
470 ohm 1/4W.
Overview No


2 Model HTRI-R
Easy Programmable by DPU field device
3 Programmable
4 LED Multi Color LED Indicates Status
The interface module reports the status of
5 Input Voltage 24V DC
the (N.O) or (N.C) contact to the control
panel. 6 Relay SPDT Relay 1NO/1NC ( up to 4 Amp)
HTRI-R incorporates an addressable 7 Polarity Polarity Insensitive with sure wire TM Technology
Form C relay. The Model HTRI-R relay
and contact device input are controlled at 8 Technology Micro Computer Chip Technology
the same address. 9 Mounting 4 square 2 deep box or Double gang box
Hooter cum strobe is connected to control
module while monitor module supervises
10 Operating Temperature 0C to 49C
the flow switch. 11 Humidity 0-93% Relative Humidity
Hooter, AHU, Doors etc.(4 Amp relay available in
12 Devices to Support
13 Approval UL, ULC Listed, FM, CSFM & NYMEA
Fire Fighter No
1 Manufacturer Siemens
Telephone 2 Model FJ-303

Jack(FJ-304) 3 Operation Audible

4 Addressable Yes
Individual telephone zone monitoring
5 Zone addressing with feature of identifying location of
telephone zone/jack in fire alarm panel
Each phone jack communicate to local
6 Network Details floor, building, block and command
centre on network
4.5H x 2.75W SINGLE
7 Mounting
8 Approval UL, FM, CSFM & NYMEA
Fire Fighters No

Telephone(PFT) 1 Manufacturer Siemens

2 Model PFT

3 Operation Audible

4.5H x 2.75W SINGLE

4 Mounting

5 Material Rugged high impact plastic handset

6 Cord A

7 Approval UL, FM, CSFM & NYMEA


SEC-W Speaker SE-R Speaker

Manufacturer Siemens
Model SE-W
Operation Audible
Description Addressable
Addressable with control
Input Voltage 24V DC
Output dB 87 dB
Mounting Wall or Ceiling Mount
Color White
Operating Temperature 0C to +49C
Maximum humidity of 85%
Operating humidity
Approval UL, FM, CSFM & ULC
Fault Isolator Module
1 Manufacturer Siemens
The Line Isolator Module (Model
HLIM) provides protection of short
circuits on the signaling line 2 Model HLIM
circuits (SLC) via use with
Siemens 50-point and 252/504-
point addressable systems, as 3 Addressable No
well as the Device Loop Card
(DLC) for FireFinder systems.
When a short circuit is detected, 4 LED Local LED Indicator
Model HLIM isolates the affected
segment on the circuit, allowing 4 square, 2 1/8 deep
the remaining devices to continue 5 Mounting or 3 deep double
functioning. gang box

1 Manufacturer Siemens
2 Model Desigo CC
3 Lock/Log off/shutdown Feature Available
Connect/Disconnect the site
4 Available
5 Alarm Pop up Window Available
6 Category of Alarm Available
7 Time Scheduler User define programmable
8 Plant Viewer Available
9 Log Viewer Available
10 Trend Viewer Available
11 User Multi User
12 Navigation Available
13 Password Protection User Defined
Overview Desigo CC (v2.0) workstations from Siemens Fire
Safety provide an integrated, practical approach to
managing and controlling facilities from a flexible, easy-
to-use interface. Desigo CC also provides facility-wide
efficiencies, cost-effective information sharing, faster
event management, and better decision-making.

Desigo CC has a flexible, full-system design that

integrates and enables customized workflow
configurations. Desigo CC can be installed on a single
PC, providing complete client / server system
compatibility. The server hosts all system data. Full
control of Desigo CC can be transferred from the server
to a client.