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Obitugbo near Koko
The Journey so far.....
Itsekiris the only ethnic Nationality w
ithout a University
The itsekiris also have no access to tertiary educa
tion in their domain.
Even it is Factual that the ITSEKIRIS are the first to
have produced the first University Graduate in th
e then Niger Delta region
Our Urhobo neighbors have Delta State Universit
y Abraka, Delta State Polytechnic Oghara ,Micheal
and Cecilia Ibru University Agbarotor,Western Del
ta University Oghara, etc ,Under their Control .
Our Ijaw neighbors have E.K Clark University Kiag
bodo ,College of Education and so on.
What do we tell our Children?
How do we tell our children who are upcoming l
eaders of the great itsekiri nation that we used t
o be ahead of these neighbors who now control
all these Universities in their Domains?
That our sons and daughters with earned degree
s now have to beg our neighbors for work in all t
hese universities and be turned down .This is so
shameful and embarrassing .
Our Children have to go cap in hand to beg for a
dmission into these Universities.
Our own University of Warri...
It is for the above mentioned reasons tha
t a group of academics and professionals
gathered together to initiate, and hopefull
y, actualize a University of Warri for our h
omeland and others ,even though it migh
t seem like a tall order for us the propone
nts .
University of Warri Progress mad
e so far.
The Proposed University of warri has been given a
160,000 acres of land in Obitugbo near koko and 2
0% of it has been Deforested for Uniwarri Campus.
Academic master plan ,Academic brief , Geotechni
cal report, Soil investigation and survey plan ,camp
us layout plan have been prepared ,these are majo
r requirements for registration with the National U
niversity Commission (NUC).
A Plan for the proposed take off. Structure(Pentag
on Structure)
Diagram showing Take off Facility (Penta
gon Structure)
Proposed Master Plan Layout for University of War
Plan Shewing Landed property of Propos
ed University of Warri
What is needed for takeoff ?
A takeoff Facilities to be located on camp
us at a cost of #300,000,000(Three Hundr
ed Million Naira)
Take off Staff and administration after whi
ch Uniwarri would be visited and approve
d by the Nigerian Universities Commissio
n (NUC)
Take off Library and ICT Facilities
A Sketch Diagram of Temporary Structure(Pentagon Building)
Appeal for Assistance
The Planning and Implementation Committee woul
d like to renew its appeal to Ugbajor Itsekiri USA as
a body and individual itsekiri and friends to assist u
s with some funds and information about the take
off library and ICT Facilities as earlier explained .
We would also appeal to all Itsekiris to invest in bui
lding hostel facilities on land to be provided on ca
mpus on a Private-Private Partnership (PPP)basis .
Details of this investment proposal can be obtaine
d on request
For Further Inquiries....
The planning and implementation Committee
Itsekiri Education Trust Secretariat ,Olu Palace RD ,Ekurede Itsekiri W
Professor Jim Nesin Omatseye +2348032237168
Engr Gbesimi Akperi gbesimiakperi@yahoo.co.uk .
Mr Edema Sillo josephekpeju@yahoo.com
Dr Paul Ireyefoju +2348035467474 paulireyefoju@gmail.com
Mr Adefemi Isaiah Oyeniyi +2348036947968 seguniben@gmail.com

Please trust us to manage donated resources prudently, wisely and t

ransparently for the actualization of our vision of a Uniwarri.
Thank you.

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