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NOS 110

Presented by: Instructor Anderton-Brown


I am Instructor Anderton and my email address is

ETB 321M

Graduate of WTCC

I used to be Anderton-Brown should you lose your

syllabus, etc..

NOS 110
A little about me

Three grown men (29, 24, 23)

Attended numerous colleges and universities
Associates in Applied Science
Bachelors of Science in Information Technology
Masters of Science in Information Systems
Project Management Certification
Presently pursing Doctor of Management
Began pursing Cisco Certification WTCC Spring 17

NOS 110
About this class

Im firm and honest but fair

We will have fun
You will learn in this class
It is a computer class and you must be familiar with
basic computers
Utilize the ILC
We can meet via Skype, FaceTime, etc.

NOS 110
NOS 110
You should log into Blackboard
numerous times each week

NOS 110

Participation and attendance go hand in hand

You will be graded each day for your participation in class
Be aware and lean in to the conversation (everyone has
an opinion)
If someone makes you uncomfortable, let me know
All of us will treat one another with RESPECT
Non-compliance will result in expulsion from class
If you have a friend in this class and feel they may keep
you from focusing; decide how you will address that
individual this semester

NOS 110

Blackboard will be utilized heavily throughout

the semester
Help with Blackboard -

NOS 110

Blackboard Tour
Help with Blackboard -

NOS 110
E-mail Communication

Everyone has an e-mail account

Use it to communicate with myself and your
classmates within Blackboard
I will only respond to WTCC e-mail (normally
respond within 24 hours)
Activate and use your email -*@my.waketech.edu
Redirect to another e-mail account

NOS 110

ILC is a free service offered to WTCC Students

Additional information regarding hours of
operation and their services is listed in
Visit the ILC website located on the WTCC
website - http://www.waketech.edu/student-
If you desire assistance at the ILC, instructor
approval is required.
Get approval prior to visiting the ILC
NOS 110
Disability Support Services
Disability Support Services (DSS) supports students with
documented disabilities. DSS is a Student Services office
under the supervision of the Dean of Students.
If you are supported by DSS I need to know this by the
next class. Must provide the proper documentation. All
information is confidential.
Our mission is to:
Adapt the colleges general services to the specialized, individual needs of otherwise qualified students with
Provide equal access to Wake Tech programs, facilities, and activities.
Serve students with disabilities as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Subpart E), the
Americans with Disabilities Act, and the NC Persons with Disabilities Protection Act
Location and contact information : http://www.waketech.edu/student-services/disability-support-

NOS 110

The syllabus is located in Blackboard under the

Course Resources link
Assignments and any homework, quizzes and exams
will occur within Blackboard
Log into Blackboard and review the syllabus with me

NOS 110
Syllabus (cont.)

Title: Operating Systems Concepts, 5th Edition
Author: Jane Holcombe and Charles Holcombe
ISBN: 978-1-259-61863-5
Publisher: McGraw-Hill


NOS 110
Syllabus (cont.)
Software - Software used to complete coursework:

Microsoft Office 2013/16 (Word, Excel and

PowerPoint), Windows 8 /10 Operating System, and
Web browser

Students should note that their books will have

images of the required software.

Also: Blackboard seems to work best with the

Firefox browser so you should be prepared to install
and use more than one browser for this class.

Other required equipment: Some form of portable

NOS 110
storage media, such as USB Flash Drive
Syllabus (cont.)

Course Description:
This course introduces students to a broad range of
operating system concepts, including installation and
maintenance. Emphasis is placed on operating
system concepts, management, maintenance and
resources required. Upon completion of this course,
students will have an understanding of OS concepts,
installation, management and maintenance, using a
variety of operating systems.

NOS 110
Syllabus (cont.) Special
This course requires students to use VMWare Workstation
virtualization software . The software will be provided to
the student free of charge. Windows, Mac, and Linux
versions of VMware Workstation are available. Students
will be expected to do work away from the classroom
computers . Therefore students must have a computer that
supports VMWare, or be able to access a computer that
supports virtualization. Minimum of 4GB of RAM memory
recommended. Campus computers are available, and it is
the studentsresponsibility to use those resources . Online
students must make their own adjustments to accomplish
the coursework.
NOS 110
Syllabus (cont.)

This semester you will learn the basic concepts of:

1. Knowledge of general operating system concepts. Operating system theory: API, kernel and
other support functions.
2. Accessing and using various commands at command line interfaces (CLI).
3. Partition management through the utilization of various commands at the command line and
graphical user interface (GUI).
4. Specific and common functions of file systems.
5. Platform architecture, including: CPU design types, system speed, RAM, cache. Operating
system interaction with input and output devices.
6. Network connectivity, resource sharing, and communications.
7. Standard maintenance procedures, including backup/restore procedures, finding and
deleting files, optimizing software installation, and tuning the operating system.
8. A mastery of common commands in different operating system environments, file system
navigation, GUI and command line folder structure and file creation, file security, batch files.

NOS 110
Syllabus (cont.) Grading

60% Exams (Midterm: 25%, Skills Exam: 15%, Final Exam: 20%)
35% Assignments (Labs: 25%, Quizzes: 10%)
5% Employability Skills (Participation, Attendance, Attitude)

NOS 110
NOS 110
NOS 110
Advocate for You
Check Blackboard and ensure you turn in your
assignments prior to the due date
Ensure you receive a grade for all assignments
Ask questions concerning you and your success in
this course
Stand up for you; care about you
complain about your grade or ask about missed

NOS 110
Student Introductions

In Blackboard, navigate to the Collaboration

Introduce yourself to the class
Include a few interesting facts about yourself
Respond to at least two other class members
by the due date

NOS 110

NOS 110
NOS 110
Presented by: Instructor Anderton-Brown