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Pate Chinois

This meat treat is pretty similar to shepherd's pie, but

instead of crediting it to a sheep-herder, the Canadians
name-check the Chinese -- "pt chinois" literally means
"Chinese pie" -- for reasons that are still unclear. Murky
origins aside, your standard pate chinois contains layers of
beef, creamed corn, and mashed potatoes.
Ketchup chips
By far the most puzzling
pick of the bunch,
ketchup chips enjoy a
remarkable popularity in
the Great White North. A
ton of brands mass
produce 'em, and
whenever overly
ambitious American chip
barons try and fail to
launch them stateside,
the Canadians welcome
the haul with open arms.

When it comes to this meat pie,

there are no rules -- just like in the
more desolate areas of Canada!
Tourtire will almost always have
pork, as well as onions and spices
like cinnamon and cloves. But you
can add in veggies or potatoes or
bonus meats, just so long as it goes
in a pie crust, which is where
everything should be anyway.
Montreal Smoked Meat
It's all brisket, gets marinated for much longer, has way
more peppercorn and way less sugar, and is significantly
thinner than its beefy counterpart.
Sometimes bastardized as disco
fries by Yankees, poutine is the
star attraction of Canadian
cuisine. Even if you can't
pronounce "Wayne Gretzky",
you know and love these gravy-
and-cheese-curd-topped fries.

Bloody Caesars

This warped cousin of the Bloody Mary ditches tomato juice

for a crucial ingredient: Clamato, a blend of tomato and clam
juices produced by Mott's. Legend has it that when the
cocktail's inventor, Walter Chell, first served the drink as a
"Caesar", his British customer exclaimed, "That's a bloody
good Caesar!", as British people are wont to do.
In Canada, Munchkins are just

members of the Lollipop Guild,
not the bite-sized donut holes
from Dunkin' Donuts. They have
Timbits instead, and they are of
course made by Tim Hortons.
Notable differences: more varied
Timbit flavors like apple fritter
and blueberry, plus many wager
the Timbits are slightly larger.
Montreal Bagels

Every single one has to be handmade,

poached in honey-infused water, and
cooked in a wood-burning oven.
Though we suppose that last part isn't
too hard, since 75% of Canada's
population is made up of lumberjacks.
Taking their name from the city in
British Columbia, these no-bake
bars are probably what Bryan
Adams was writing all those tender
love ballads about. They consist of
three layers: a crunchy base that
might feature graham cracker
Nanaimo Bar crumbs and chopped nuts, a
custardy middle part, and a
chocolate top. Some people even get
crazy with the icing in the middle,
adding mint, mocha, or peanut
butter flavors.
is a syrup usually made from
the xylem sap of sugar maple, red
maple, or black maple trees. In
cold climates, these trees
store starch in their trunks and
roots before the winter; the starch
is then converted to sugar that
rises in the sap in late winter and
early spring. Maple trees are
tapped by drilling holes into their
trunks and collecting the exuded
sap, which is processed by heating
to evaporate much of the water,
leaving the concentrated syrup.
Butter Tarts
Once you've ruined half your teeth on Nanaimo
bars and BeaverTails, launch an attack on your
pancreas with another signature Canadian dessert,
the butter tart. This pastry has a flaky exterior and
a sugary filling that can skew either gooey or semi-
solid, depending on the chef's preference. Usually
they have raisins, but walnuts or pecans are also
fair game.
The perfect party snack that is rich, sweet and savory.
With its different textures and varieties you will go crazy
what to try either the dessert type or even the savory
there's always something in store for your type of bacon.

Candied bacon
Soft powder fluffy round
shaped food will certainly
make your mouths scream
for more pancakes flavored
with different syrups and
fresh fruits on top this is
one of the best considered
happy food for Canadians.

(derived from earlier iced
cream or cream ice) is a
sweetened frozen food
typically eaten as a snack
or dessert. It is usually
made from dairy products,
such as milk and cream,
and often combined with
fruits or other ingredients
and flavours. It is typically
with sugar or sugar
Beaver Tails

The fried dough is stretched to look like the bucktoothed

rodent's tail and then topped with magical fixings like
Novella, caramel, bananas, M&M's, crushed Oreos, and
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