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Develop a scenario that stimulates creativity to enable

Rising Ideas problem solving by reducing group bias and eliminating
barriers in order to bring unconventional ideas into

How it works Materials

1. Think about the teams vision or challenge. Required: Balloons, Whiteboards, Markers,
2. Give each participant a balloon and a notecard. Black Hats, and Note Cards.
Give them 5 minutes to write an idea on how
the vision can be achieved or how the challenge
can be overcome, roll it up, put it inside the
balloon, and inflate.
3. When the time is up, pop the balloons, read
each idea to the group, and label a whiteboard
for every idea. After all ideas have been read,
the team will choose their risk analyzers, aka
The Black Hatters.
4. Have a facilitator ask participants to walk to the
boards and comment on the proposals. Explain
the rules below:
Allow 10 minutes for rotation
Comments should always add to the idea
The assumption is that the ideas will
No idea is rejected
The goal is to add a comment to every
The Black Hatters will be in charge of
analyzing the complications of each idea
5. After 10 minutes, debrief each idea and have Each individual should write ideas down and
the Black Hatters share their comments. As add them to the board as quickly as possible.
participants discuss, the facilitator will capture Encourage new ideas, solutions to the risks
key points and identifies when to move on to outlined, as well as yes, and thinking to
the next idea.
build off each others ideas.
6. Once all of the ideas have been discussed, have
the participants vote privately (iPad, poll, or
notes) on the idea they want to follow (between
3 to 5 minutes). In the event of a tie, ask
participants to vote again among the top ideas.