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Waste Management

1. Waste handling Plan

Waste Quantity Type Classification Disposal/Recycle Requirements Treatment Remarks

Biodegradable/ To be Food waste Non Hazardous Dispose To be pass through

domestic determined an industrial kitchen
(apply segregation
to collected and
transfer for proper
disposal pulverizing
unit (Mechanical
Liquid waste To be indicate Lube oil Hazardous Dispose Disposed No Burning of waste Residual of
the waste Solvent Stored in anywhere hazardous
shipping Chemicals designated substances is
manifest Kerosene container Brought to disposal defined as
Diesel Oil drums and in area by PT RGM hazardous
areas waste.
designated Waste oil
to control spills shall be
and leaks, collected &
stored in shade stored in
and protection drums and
from rain disposed of to

Domestic In to the waste Rubbers Non Hazardous Disposed Strictly To be collected and To be
Waste to be shipping Plastic Forbidden to transferred to Carbot transported to
non burnable manifest Scrap metal dispose of all Plant for proper site local
Cables unburnable disposal government
Glass waste TPA for proper
Waste Quantity Type Classification Disposal/Recycle Requirements Treatment Remarks

Domestic Waste To be Wooden boxes Non Hazardous Disposed Stored in To be collected and To be
Quantity determined Pallet designated area transferred to Carbot transported to
Burnable Papers Plant for proper site local
Cardboard boxes disposal government
TPA for proper
disposal at
Domestic Quantity to be Gray Kitchen & Non Hazardous Disposed Mechanical Sewage To be
Waste black determined Bathrooms system prior disposal transported to
and grey water Black toilet site local
TPA for Proper
Scrap Quantity to be Pipe work and Non hazardous Re use To be store
disposal steel structures properly

Soil (inert and Quantity to be Trenching Non Hazardous Re use Shall minimized by
Non determined equipment selection /
Contaminated), adequate bond
storage/ transfer of
Contaminated Quantity to be Leaks, Spill Hazardous Disposed waste Residual
Soil, drums and determined Hazardous
other material substances is
filters, rags, defined as
clothes, and hazardous
PPE waste.
Waste oil shall
Hazardous To be indicated Crude oil Hazardous Disposed Stored in Transport to Cabot be collected &
Waste into waste Batteries designated site base for proper stored in drums
shipping Aerosol Cans containers/ disposal and disposed of
manifest Filters Lube Oil drums / and in to PT RGM
designated to
control spill
and leaks
2. Waste Bin Colour Plan