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Options To Consider While

4 Changing Your Name After


Did you know that there are more options when you
want to change your name after marriage beyond
taking the name of your spouse? These options are
meant to make acquisition of a new identity easier
and comfortable for the parties involved.
The option you choose depends on the uniqueness
of your situation, especially the implications that
changing your name will have on your career and
social life.
You Do Not Need To Change Your
1 Name
It is not mandatory for you to change your name
after you get married. The changing of ones name
is based on social traditions that might not suit
every person. Since this is not a legal requirement,
there would be no harm if you did not change your
name. This does not stop you from using the name
of your spouse during social functions.
Friends and relatives will identify you by the name
of your spouse. After all, they attended your
wedding and would thus identify you by your
spouses name.
This approach will benefit a number of people in
particular situations.
A person whose career is tied to their name.
They include journalists, artists, writers, etc.
Familiar ties that are important in your social
and career growth path.
There is heritage tied to your last name. This
means that changing your lat name would lead
to a loss of identity.
Avoiding the hustle of preparing documentation
associated with a change of name
You are generally uncomfortable with changing
your name.
The absence of a legal name change process
means that you cannot use the name on official
documents. Only names that appear legally on
your documents can be used for official

Hyphenate Your Last
2 Name
This is a popular option today. It is also a
compromise option for people who are not
comfortable with dropping their names or adopting
an entirely new identity.
It also allows you to maintain your identity and thus
not have to start life afresh. You will still be easy to
identify professionally and thus can maintain your
business and professional connections.

Maintain Your Name as the Middle
3 Nameyour name and still adapting that of
your spouse is another option. It is a way to
preserve identity whereby family names and others
that are a mark of identity are not erased. You
might opt to drop your current middle name for a
new one or still maintain it and thus have two
middle names. People can recognize you with the
old identity. However, you can begin the process of
creating a new identity. This is a perfect option for
transition purposes.
4 Adopt a New Name
It is said that a man and a woman shall leave their
parents and become one. This gives you the
freedom to create a new name that will be a
hallmark of your lineage. It is an opportunity to
break ties with your families in order to chart a new
path and identity.
You have an opportunity to be creative in coming
up with a new name. For instance, you may choose
to generate a new name by combining your two
names. This will be nothing familiar to either of you.
This means that both spouses must undertake the
process of name change. By the end of this
process, both of you will have a new identity.
The process of changing your name is hectic and
requires a meticulous approach. It might take
several weeks of personal appearances and filling
forms at one office to another. The process of
changing your name after marriage can be
simplified by seeking the assistance of a
professional agent.
These agencies understand the process, are
experienced and will discuss the most viable
options with you depending on the uniqueness of
your situation.
Though you are required to pay some fees for the
services, assistance from a professional agent
ensures that you get the new name and identify
faster. You will be ready to unveil your new identity
by the time you return from your honeymoon.

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