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Survey Of Active Brokers/Channel

Partners In Ahmedabad
Survey Of Competitors w.r.t Adani

Prepared By:
Bhargav Vekariya 09
Cumin Makwana 12
Indian real estate is the 2nd largest employment after Agriculture
Growth rate of real estate sector is 5-6 % of GDP of India
There was 40,000 Cr investment by private firms were done
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Bengaluru are preferred for investment
Ahmedabad The New Real Estate Investment
It is top 10 cities to live in
Best city to get quick return on investment
Upcoming projects like Metro Rail boosted the investment in Ahmedabad
Township and its scenario in India
Piece of land in the edge of city where you can satisfy every one of your needs.

Over view of Township in India

Growth for sustained economic development in the nation.
At present Indias economy is spending 4 percent of GDP.
For exploding population in cities led to the creation of suburbs.
Feel of living in countryside, with all benefit of city.
From venture perspective not as much as a city.
Adani Shantigram
SWOT Analysis of Adani Shantigram
Strength Weakness
Offering residence to 15000 families. Cost is considerably higher than around
Offer availability to SG Highway, SP Ring Real Estate extend.
road, Airport, Metro, BRTS etc. Less demand.
Area contains more than 50000 trees. Shantigram needs couple of years to drove
Township gives over 80% of open space its position.
almost twice according to the principles of

Opportunities Threats
Concentrate more to pull in corporate Main hazard is its geological area which make
individuals as Adani Shantigram is end client troublesome for movement.
property. Many venture with comparable details around
Adani Shanitigam gives intense rivalry.
Who Is Broker/Channel Partners?
A broker/Channel Partner is an independent party, whose services are used extensively
in some industries. A broker's prime responsibility is to bring sellers and buyers
together and thus a broker/Channel Partner is the third-person facilitator between a
buyer and a seller. An example would be a real estate broker/ Channel Partner who
facilitates the sale of a property.
Role And Advantages Of Broker/Channel Partners
Role Advantages
Monitor fulfilment of purchase Market awareness
Compare a property with similar Have tools to reach the largest possible
properties base of buyers
Negotiation between Buys & Sellers Less marketing required
Should have knowledge of real estate
Project Survey

This survey was carried out during March 2017 it includes survey of number of brokers
working in Ahmedabad and the upcoming projects which can be a direct competition to
Adani Shantigram within 5km radius.

No of Brokers/ Channel Partner 200

Visited And Called

Number Of Project Visited 30

1. Awareness Of Shantigram
Result Con
Dealt with Adani Shantigram in Past?
Result Con
Brokers/ Channel partners with whom currently working with?
Competitors Survey