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Prescription for America:

A Peace and Prosperity

Declaration of Independence,
Rethinking Government
Rebrand and Rebuild America
American law starts with the
Declaration of Independence
People have the right to Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of happiness

Government are created to ensure those


When Government infringes upon those

rights, people have the responsibility to alter
or abolish government and institute a new
Declaration of Independence was
Declaration of Independence was the
precedent for Constitutional ratification as

It was echoed in PA state Constitution along

with several others

Its the only legal document that has its own

day, and fireworks (sorry Constitution)
I invoked my right to revolution

July 4, 2010 In Philadelphia, PA, where it

would be reflected by the state constitution

In todays society, a video is better legal

proof of intent than paperwork, though I will
file a case if necessary

The only criterion it lists, is that you say why

you will alter or abolish your government.

Endless wastes of money. Corporate

welfare, graft, etc. The Federal Reserve is
giving companies money.
Terrible accounting. GE didnt pay taxes, but
collected billions in government contracts?
The wealthy have a nominal tax rate of 35%
but seldom pay more than 19%
Dangerous risk management- a 30% risk of
submerged coastal cities should lead to
definitive action. We are way past that. Failure
to seize this to create better economy is also

Lack of Respect for the Constitution.. The 26th

Amendment states that Congress cant vote
itself pay raises in between sessions Cost of
living increases have doubled Congresses
pay, increasing by 4 percent every year
AUTOMATICALLY, while over the same course
of time the minimum living wage has only
increased 3 times.
Police at all levels, are responsible for the
deaths of 1100+ citizens per year, 100 times
the rate of any other 1st world nation
What do we want from
Citizenship class for every American, discuss
mandatory voting
Clean Air, Clean water Amendments
New Constitutional
Convention, 1 of a series

Focus: National review of Declaration law, and

constitutional law compare de jure vs de facto

Bring our troops home, from all over the

world,except for embassy protection and our
major infrastructure projects
Full audit of all contractors
Food not Bombs Peace plan for Iraq and
Switch R+D commitments from weapons
development to energy development, while
finishing current projects

Increase the size of the reserves, and set up

large mock campaigns, with full war numbers
100,000 plus on each side, as well as
regional disaster safety planning, to be
started on in high schools and meeting
regularly afterwards
Shrink Full timers to less than 500,000, triple
Rebuild America: Create code that
every building, road, or infrastructure must meet
Will create more than 4 million jobs, and
economic boom
Surplus can be an energy certificate for each
Pay itself off in less than 15 years
Private investors can also supply a bulk of the
money, literally no risk loans, as the money
continuous return in the form of energy or
Save ourselves from destroying our
Research for combustion to
electric car retrofits

At least one research program per state/

major metropolitan area, creating knowledge
base and infrastructure in every state
After pilot programs are completed, seek a
raise over two years to retrofit existing cars,
and manufacturing plants.
Oil and gas companies get first crack at
financing for
Reform the tax code

Treat tax exemptions as expenditures, and

account for them in the budget
Increase inheritance tax. You can live better
because of parents, not larger than life. 35+%
of all assets over 1 million
Closes all loop holes meant to hide profits.
Shouldnt Warren Buffet pay at least as much
in taxes as his secretary?
Eliminate tax breaks for investment income.
Why is investment income taxed at a lower
rate than work?
Retrain tax accountants to do
Of Federal, state and Local budgets, and
make them transparent and web based
Starting with the Federal Reserve and the
Initiate audits of all companies paying less
than 75% of their legal supposed tax burdens
Look at all tax exempt status projects for
possible changes, non retroactive.
Power to the States

Federal government should be primarily a

research, audit, and standards body for the
Look to return, or better yet, never collect a
portion of federal tax dollars, instead, the
bulk of taxes will remain in the state,
administered according to federal guidelines,
but locally run and federally audited each
Move us back towards more local economies
Audit the Fed

Look to have the Fed more involved in

stimulating certain types of businesses, and
encouraging lending
Discuss possibility of temporary monetary
Banks need to be smaller

60% of the economy- too much.

Big companies innovate, pivot less, usually
Enforce current laws, and establish long term
community service penalties (teaching money
management and financial knowledge to poor
youth in at risk communities
Needs to be about expanding businesses
Banking must be heavily
Banking can be useful.. And capitalism has
gotten us to an amazing level of technology.

Basic incentive management- if people are

being incented for producing results, some of
the results are going to be garbage.. In sales,
you cannot avoid that, you need precise
regulatory systems
All derivatives, all transactions need to be
recorded and transparent to the govt.
Consumer standards

All electronic devices need to conform to

regulations, like the UL standards for
electrical devices.
4 year lifespan minimum, built to last, with
manufacturer guarantees throughout
All components must be built to be recycled
Decriminalize Drugs, provide
War on drugs is too expensive, and is really a
tax for being black and latino, since police
rarely bust whites.
Any place Marijuana is legalized, release all
inmates as dealers
Put drug laws on a real, harm based schedule,
and treat addiction as a disease
Full education on effects at a young age
Define financial addiction- 30% income to
substances is a big problem
Reform Education

Base line requirement of modules to be

taught to every American citizen
Includes Communication, Citizenship, Science
of Nature, Ecosystems, Critical Thinking, The
Law, World History, Nutrition, Sexuality, Drug
Education, Science, Reading Writing and
Rithmetic to be completed by high school if
Reform Unemployment
Make it into an Employment program
Interview and skills testing by gov't first
month, and assignment to temp employment
20 hours per week for gov't service
(preferably local)
Max 2 months with no work
Legal System reform

Base line requirement of modules to be

taught to every American citizen
Right to a speedy trial defined, nationally
Habeus corpus extended to any person
citizen or otherwise
Provide avenue for People's Amendments to
the Constitution
Provide legitimate avenues for petitioning of
Lower the number of arrestable offenses, and
actively look to minimize jail pre trial
Universal Health care

The US ranks 27th in healthcare outcomes,

and 1 in spending
The nations with universal healthcare, are
better off, and spend less per capita
Adverse health conditions are communicable..
each un healthy person makes us all less
Lock health insurance for guaranteed current
amounts for two years before being
Universal Health care

Lock health insurance for guaranteed current

amounts for two years before being
Offer 75% payouts for immediate retirement
Use existing personnel to begin collating and
coding national medical database
Will provide unprecedented data mining, and
allow medical science to become radically
more precise;
Use it or Lose it Laws

Stimulate currency, and business, by making

real estate a responsibility as a finite resource
and possibly a blight on business and living
conditions locally
If your space is vacant, you pay higher property
If your space is vacant for more than two years,
you have 6 months to accept an offer or the
state can put it up for auction
Truth in News

All information given on programs called

News must be factual, biases identified (i.e.
I consider myself to be anarchist, but voted
Republican in the last two elections)
Opinions clearly marked as opinions
Respond within 24 hours of notification of
mistaken information, and retractions printed
or spoken every 4 hours for 1 week after
incorrect information given