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Project Plan

Ensure that teaching and non-teaching staff is involved in the initiative. Bringing Phase wise implementation
the VC and Dean on board.

Swacchh Bharat Mission which is associated with raising the prestige and image of Phase 1: Setting up of common bins and spreading awareness
the country and also the self-respect and dignity of Indians. Approaching Phase 2: Colleges register for the campaign
government institutes for partnership will help raise prestige and attract sponsors Phase 3: Colleges maintain cleanliness in areas arond the campus at the
pilot level
Invite registrations from various colleges of the university Phase 4: Colleges compete in cultural programmes, and help increase
awareness of the initiative
Increase awareness of the same, through events such as nukar nattaks, and other Phase 5: Announcement of the winning team at the grand finale
cultural events

To kickoff the event hold a special session, where we bring eminent dignitaries
from corporate and the social sector. How to increase student engagement
Set-up of disposal bins in campuses around Delhi University. Roughly for each
campus depending on the size and current student portfolio, we would set up To increase student participation, ensure that the sort of work that
anywhere between 2 to 5 bins they do in an NGO is something that is not just not limited to a
volunteering role.
Each College would have a representative body that will look after the dustbins Ensuring that the work includes aspects of managerial concepts,
and cleanliness for a period of 30 after their set up like primary research or strategy formulation
This way it would be mutually beneficial for both
The college with the highest award would be awarded for the same
Partner institutions
It is a non-governmental organisation that
Target companies for sponsorship that are a part of the Swatch Bharat
aims to increase youth participation, in Mission and have their corporate headquarters in Delhi. To do this we
collaboration with National Service Scheme would approach CSR heads of the organisation.
(NSS). We will also try and partner with NGOs who have performed similar
initiatives in the past

Leaders for tomorrow Approximate cost of single dustbin is Rs 900

This non profit organisation has carried out There are 15 colleges in North Campus that would be a part of this
many cleanliness drives with their chapters
in various colleges in Delhi University. initiative in the first phase itself
Estimating that on average we would be using 5 bins per college, 75
bins in total
Cost of bins: 67,500
Cost of Lunch for participating students: 15,000
NGO PARTNER Estimating a footfall of around 50 participants
Cost of tea for participants: 5,000
NCR based volunteer group conducting
Cost of equipment: 5000
spotfixes, cleanliness drives and awareness Cost of transport(2 buses): 5000
programs in the region. Total costs(estimated): 97,500
We would therefore seek immediate funding in the range of 1-1.5
lakh rupees for the event