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Equipment For

Harvesting Honey
Coley ODell
Smokey Ridge Apiaries, Maryville, TN

June 12, 2015

Hives in Bee Yard with numerous Honey Supers
Bee Brush and Smoker Method
Porter Bee Escape
Porter Bee Escape on Inner Cover
Triangular Escape Board
Triangular Escape Board on Honey Super
Conical Bee Escape
Honey Extraction Equipment/Fluids

Fume Board

Fishers Bee
Bee Go
Bee Fumigation Products for Fume Boards
(from previous slide)

A. Fishers Bee Quick used on fume boards; its FDA

B. Bee Go used on fume boards;
C. Bee Dunn used on fume boards;
D. Honey/Bee Gone used on fume boards
Honey Extraction Equipment/Fluids
Hives in Bee Yard; Checking Supers
Blowing Bees Out of Honey Super & Toward the Hive
Transporting Honey Supers
A Kodak Bee Moment or Selfee
Always Take A Young Strong Crew