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School of Ayurveda
About Us
The name Vedarjana itself explains the mission of the
school.Veda is the wisdom and Arjana is to acquire.
Vedarjana means to acquire the knowledge of the ancient
science or to gain the wisdom.
Ayurveda Therapies
Panchakarma Detoxification Herbal Beauty and Skin Care
Panchakarma presents a unique approach of According to Ayurveda, ones health and emotional
Ayurveda. Purificatory therapies eliminates state are mirrored in the face and in the body and
the vitiated doshas, enhances the power of cannot be hidden with cosmetics.
digestion and metabolism.

Rasayana/Rejuvenation Stress Management Wellness Vacation

Therapy According to Ayurveda, our inability to Many people are working late and
Rasayanas brings proper nourishment, deal with stress is due to an imbalance or never take off, thinking that they
growth and improve the functions of all lack coordination of 3 mental functions- will work more but working for
Sapta Dhatus (seven tissues). Dhi (learning), Dhriti (retention) and Smriti long hours makes people less
(long-term memory). creative and find it hard to
maintain the same intensity level
in their work.
Prakriti Analysis
According to Ayurveda, the five basic elements i.e.,
Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth are the prime factors
of the existence of universe. All physical matter of the
universe is a combination of five elements with the
predominance of one or more elements.
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E-courses Residential Courses

Our online learning courses

Knowledge imparts
are the basic courses to
know Ayurveda and to lay
humbleness comes
foundation for the residential
eligibility.Once eligible
courses offered at Vedarjana
comes wealth.Wealth can be
School of Ayurveda.
utilized to perform good
deeds (dharma).Good deeds
lead to happiness.
The 5 Phases of Panchakarma

Vamana- Vomiting Virechana - Vasti-Enema Nasya- Nasal Raktamokshana

Therapy Purgation Therapy Therapy Administration

Vamana treatment Virechana This treatment The nose is the It is the blood
is designed to expel treatment is method has both gateway to the cleansing and
increased Kapha designed to expel preventive and head region. The purification
Dosha out of the increased Pitta curative nasal therapy.
body. Dosha out of the perspectives. administration of
body. medicated drops is


Ayurvedic Shirodhara

Treatments Sirovasthi



Know Your Prakriti
According to Ayurveda, the five basic
elements i.e., Space, Air, Fire, Water
and Earth are the prime factors of
the existence of universe. These five
elements in their biological form
combines and form the three basic
energies in the body. They are
known as Doshas or biological
humors and are represented as :

Vata Space+Air

Pitta Fire+Water

Kapha Water +Earth

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