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Why I hate squirrels!

Chapter 6, Ex.1, page 80 - 82

1. Why did Honor want to stroke the squirrel?

She assumed it was a cute, friendly character as

found in Disneyland versions.
2. Put the following in your own words: a shattering
of our childs Disneyfied notions of an
anthromorphised animal kingdom where every
little furry thing has a name and a benign
She was awakened to the truth that in reality all
Disneyland depictions of friendly animals are
Anthromorphised: The attribution of human form or
behaviour to a deity, animal, etc
4. Explain fully using your own words:
a) the writers comments about the RSPCA
forty years ago
b) his opinion of RSPCA as it is now

Forty years ago, RSPCA handled cases

involving cruelty to animals with a common
sense approach.
Today, RSPCA has gone overboard with its role
to the extent actions taken against cases of
mishandling of animals appear ridiculous.
5. Explain using your own words what the author
means by animal husbandry and vexatious

animal husbandry
- management and care of farm animals by
humans for profit
vexatious litigiousness
- excessive inclination to engage in annoying
6. According to the writer, Beatrix Potters book The Tale of
Squirrel Nutkin can be blamed for our present day attitude
of faux sentimentality towards the animal world. Explain as
fully as you can what he means by this phrase and his
reasons for saying this.

In the book, squirrels are depicted as cute, friendly

characters which appeal to young children. As a result,
children are misled as this fictitious caricature is retained in
the real world.
Exercise 3: Pandelela Rinong (Page 73)

1. Malaysias National Anthem is THE Negaraku.

2. . It was also the end of the bridesmaids tag for Pandelela.Pandelelas life, before she
won the gold medal; was that of a bridesmaid. She werent very important as though she
was always placed second in her league of items. This quotation reveres to as, Pandelela
werent very important until she became the bride (winner or the Commonwealth Games). .

3. Pandelela Rinong dived last because she was the last to dive by virtue of finishing
qualifying as the top ranked diver.

4. Her coachs words echoed in her head that said, Think only of a perfect dive and
nothing else. That was the advice her coach gave her which she heard ringing in her ears
when she had her very last dive for the whole competition in front of her to accomplish.

5. Pandelela Rinong had faith in herself and believed she could win the 10m platform, at
the Commonwealth Games 2010; though she knew it was going to fight tough sweat and
determination. Pandelelas life was tagged as a bridesmaid, as she had received two silver
medals in the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore and in the Commonwealth Games.
She was runner-up, with Leong Mun Yee; in the 10m platform synchro. Others considered
Pandelela as the bridesmaid as she was placed second each time in competition. Well,
she proof wrong! Though her past was behind her, Pandelea Ringong received her gold
medal at the Commonwealth Games of 2010. Amazing!

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