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The elders of Israel came to Samuel when his sons became
judges and were observed to be ineffective. They said they
want a king. Samuel prayed to God and God told him to do
what the people wanted. So he obeyed God and told the people
God would let them have a king.
God said a young man would come the next day. This man
would be the king. The next day a young man came to
Samuel. He was a righteous Israelite. He is a handsome
young man named Saul. He was anointed & proclaimed King.
One day some wicked men came to fight the Israelites.
Saul called all the men of Israel to fight and led them. The
Israelites won the battle, and Saul was a great leader. Then
all the people were glad Saul was their king. God blessed
Saul, making him a king for many years.
Then one day Saul was waiting for Samuel. Samuel was
coming to burn sacrifices. Samuel was the only man who
should burn sacrifices to God. But he was late. so Saul did
not wait for him and burned the sacrifices. It was an
unlawful sacrifice.
When Samuel did arrive, he told Saul, You have done
a foolish thing, using the Hebrew term for people
who act without regard for God. Samuel told him God
would choose another king.
One day, God commanded Saul to destroy the
Amalekites. But Saul and his army spared the best of
the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs
everything that was good.
They only destroyed what they thought was
undesirable and worthless.

When Samuel found out, he asked Saul why he

did not listen to the voice of God. Samuel said,
"Because you have rejected the word of the
Lord, he has also rejected you from being king."

1 Samuel 15:35 - The Lord regretted that

he made Saul king over Israel.
God told Samuel to go to Bethlehem, where Jesse lived. It
was one of Jesse's sons that God has chosen to be the next
king. His name is David. David was anointed to become
the next king. Someday he would be the king of Israel.
When King Saul saw David kill Goliath, Saul told David
to come and live in his house. Saul made David a leader
of his army. God blessed David. His army won many
battles for King Saul. The people of Israel loved David.
As David was coming home from striking down the
Philistines, the women of Israel sang and danced to
meet him, singing "Saul has struck down his
thousands, and David his ten thousands."
Saul was displeased when he heard that David
has struck down enemies more than he did.

Because of this jealousy, Saul attempted to kill

David. He tried to kill David many times.
He even gave his daughter unto David to be a
snare unto him.

Saul was desperately trying to destroy

David because of the threat he was to his
One day, while David was fighting the
Amalekites, a furious battle was raging
between the Philistines and the Jews.

Saul's army was utterly routed.

The king's own sons were among the slain

and Saul was severely wounded by the
Philistine archers.
Saul asks his armour bearer to kill him, but he refuses, and
so Saul falls upon his own sword.

King Saul died, and David became King.

He reigned for 42 years.
Moral of King Sauls story

King Sauls greatest failures resulted from acting on
his own. Saul had the raw materials to be a good
leader appearance, courage, and action.

Even his weaknesses could have been used by God if

Saul had recognized them and left them in Gods

But Sauls choices alienated him from God and

eventually from his own people.
Moral of King Sauls story

God wants us to make use of our
strengths and weaknesses.

Our weaknesses can help us

remember our need for
Gods guidance and help.

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