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By: Student Example
This is a good introduction and the hook grabs you right away.

Imagine losing a loved one or a child to

the hands of a predator, simply 20 years or
more in jail is not enough! Wouldnt you
want your loved ones to get justice? Well
bringing back the death penalty could do
just that..
This first statement plays on the idea of reciprocitybe kind and
Follow the laws and you wont get put into jail to face the death
Many people fear death, so if they knew that they could possibly be facing death as a
consequence for their actions, they would be less likely be perform said actions.
Ernest Van Haags particular field of interest and the field that he contributed the most
to in his articles was the death penalty and he believes that when people are going to
commit a crime they would look at the profit versus the punishment but the urge to
commit the crime would decrease drastically if the punishment for the crime was more
severe. So Capital Punishment (the death penalty) is the best idea for decreasing
This uses the persuasive technique of authority as its using an academic study to back up
the use of the death penalty as a way to deter serious crimes.
.The death penalty also carries out retribution justly, By giving the punishment that is
deserved it restores order, making the predator pay an equal price to the harm that
he has caused. When somebody commits crime it takes lives and disrupts the peace
of the society. Giving the death penalty restores order to society and rightfully
punishes the predator for his wrong. Retribution also brings justice for murder
victims and their families. Retribution is not revenge as some may think but it is
actually motivated by the need for justice.
Reciprocityhaving it results in order. There will be peace if there is the death penalty.
As this graph shows 33% of
people said they preferred the
death penalty as punishment for
murder this is the second highest
number on the graph

Graph- demonstrates in a pictorial way that

the death penalty is actually seen as one of the most
popular ways to punish someone who has
killed another person. This shows Consensus
as other people are already in support of the idea.
While the morality of the death penalty has been debated just think to yourself isnt it
immoral to not properly punish a person that has committed such terrible crimes. It is
also done very humanly there is no longer any hangings or use of the electric chair
and they are given a dose of anesthetic so they dont feel pain at all, the only pain
they may feel is the IV going in but this is done at hospitals every day.
The death penalty is an asset to society because it deters potential criminals, serves
retribution for criminals and is not immoral. I think it is important that we should all
stand together on this issue. The punishment should fit the crime. It also would also
save society a ton of money.

Clear conclusion to wrap up the argument and put it directly in front of

the viewer.
Other ways this presentation could have been improved:
- more graphs/diagrams/images could have been used to enhance the argument.
This has a way of making your ideas more accessible to the audience. They are a
quick way to impart a lot of info (if done correctly!).
Could there have been ways to fight the argument that is presented? Think about
ways that your opponent might poke holes in your argument and try to bring those
ideas up to suit your side of the argument.