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Presented By

Abhishek Kumar
B.Tech,3rd Sem.(Session-2011-12)
Dept. Of CIVIL Engineering
Mewar University
1.As its name suggests , 1.As its name suggests,
emphasis of program is emphasis of program is
on procedure . It means on object included in the
that how to accomplish a interface and the events
task. that occur on those
2. Large programs are 2. Programs are divided
divided into smaller into smaller unit
programs known as known as object.
function, which is unit
of procedural
3.This programming 3.While OOP focus on both
approach concentrates on data and function.
creating function.

4.Procedural programming 4. Data and function are

separates the data of the tied together in a single
program from the unit known as class.
operations that
manipulates the data.
5.Most of the function share 5.Data is hidden and can not be
global data more openly accessed by external
around the system function function .
to function . Due to which it
is not safe from direct
6. It employs bottom up
6.It employs top down approach. approach.
7.New data and function 7.New data and function
items can not be added items can be added
easily in this easily in this OOP
programming approach. approach.
8.Function transform data 8.While in OOP objects may
from one form to communicate with each
another. other by message
9.It increases the 9. But software complexity
complexity of the can be easily managed.
10.When we do any change 10.Program coding can be
in program, it affects altered without affecting
whole the program rest program in OOP.
11.Relationship of data and 11.Relationship of data
function in procedural and function in OOP.