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(Modern Construction Materials)

Presented by :
Brijesh Patel
Darren Sequeira
Divyesh Patel
Gourav Kumar Lodha
Saurabh Kumar
G.B Teja
Critical Components in this Project

Inner Cylindrical
Foundation Tower Facade

Concrete Column Glass

Admixtures Steel Sealant

Construction Materials
Foundation detail

Raft Foundation of diameter : 120 metres and 6 metres depth.

955 number of cast in-situ pile of dia-1 metre and 52-56m height.
Steel : HYSD-500 of varying diameters.
Type of Concrete : Self Compacting Concrete (SCC).
Grade of Concrete : C50R90
Total Concrete consumed in Raft : 61,000 cu.m
Mix Design of C50
Construction Materials
Self Compacting Concrete

Properties :

Filling ability (unconfined flowability) -The ability of SCC to flow into and fill
completely all spaces within the formwork, under its own weight.
Easy Pumping.
Pumping Capacity carried out at site 1,000 cu.m per hour.
Concrete temperature maintained at <20 C.
No bleeding and Segregation.
Concrete placement was easier , faster and better at site.
Better Surface finish attained.
Heavily reinforced concreting was possible at the site since due to the flowing ability of
the SCC.
Less claims for defects, voids and honeycombs.
Reduction in laying time of concrete and was less labour intensive.
Construction Materials
Construction Materials

Manufactured Sand (Used as an alternative to natural sand)

Increased durability of the concrete.
Increases workability.
Reduces construction defects.
Economical and eco-friendly.
Construction Materials - Admixtures used

Triple Blend of OPC + PFA (Pulverised Fly Ash) + GGBS (Ground

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag )

This combination was used to ensure higher durability of the

It helped to maintain the temperature rise due to heat of hydration,
thus the concreting was carried out successfully at < 23C .
Also since foundation structures are more prone to higher action to
sulphate and chloride attack , this triple blend helped to resist the
attacks when compared with normal ordinary concrete.

Rheoplus 325 admixture by BASF

It delivered a new benchmark in concrete workability. It gave

concrete producers at least two hours of control over its workability
between the batching plant and the placement site
Construction Materials - Admixtures used

Slag Micro Powder

The project adopts the concrete with Baosteel's slag micro powder as the important
raw material and admixture, which, combining with the scientific pouring method,
can effectively avoid the quality problems such as structural crack etc.
To improve the compactness of the concrete and also to improve interface transition
zone between the hydration products and aggregate which are benefit for the
development of concrete strength.
Construction Materials - Admixtures used

High Performance Poly-carboxylate (HPCC) super-plasticizer

Wide adaptability.
High water reduction.
Good slump retention ability.
Good dispersibility and good cohesiveness.
Low cost and containing no harmful substances.
Construction Materials

Inner Cylindrical Tower

Components of Inner
Cylindrical Tower

Mega Column
Concrete Core
Outrigger Truss
Belt Truss
Diagonal Column
Radial Truss
Construction Materials
Mega Columns

The mega-column system is a composite type

of structure.

Steel reinforced concrete columns of Steel

Grade Q345-Q460 of 100mm and 50mm

Construction Materials
Chemical Composition of Q345 steel :

mmer Related chemical composition
Hardness Extension Strength Yield
Code (HB (% MP StrengthMP
al C Si Mn P S

Q345B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163-187 21 470-660 345

Construction Materials
Q345 Steel Equivalent Standard (ASTM/EN/JIS):

GB/T 1591-2008 Q345 (A/B/C/D/E)

EN 10028-3-2003
EN 10025-2004
High strength low alloy ASTM A572-07
structural steel ASTM A588-05
Construction Materials
Construction Materials
Construction Materials
More than 200,000 square metres of SentryGlas interlayer is used in the double skin
glass facades.
SentryGlas interlayer are 5 times stronger and upto 100 times stiffer than
conventional laminating material.
Curtain Wall A (Outer Glass Faade): 26 mm laminated glass assembly: 12 mm
low-iron annealed glass +1.52 mm SentryGlas interlayer +12 mm low-iron annealed
glass + low-e coating.

Curtain Wall B (Inner Glass Faade): 30 mm insulated glass assembly: 6 mm

low-iron glass with +0.89mm SentryGlas interlayer + 6mm low-iron glass +12mm
air void + 6mm low-iron glass + low-e coating.

Low-iron glass provides improved visual clarity by increasing light transmission and
reducing the greenish tint in clear glass that is most apparent when viewed from the
Construction Materials
Low deflection, stronger glass before and after breakage.
Bolted and frameless glass.
Able to fulfil high architectural safety standards at reduced
thickness as compared to monolithic glass.
Butt-jointed freedom
It retains its outstanding quality even after years of service.
Noise reduction and also safety and maintenance ease.

Special Features
Hurricane resistant
Bomb blast shatter resistant.

Can also be used in structural glass flooring,stairs,walkways
and pedestrian bridges.
Construction Materials
Property Units Metric Value ASTM Test
Youngs Modulus Mpa (kpsi) 300 (43.5) D5026
Tensile Strength Mpa (kpsi) 34.5 (5.0) D638

Elongation % 400 D638

Density g/3 0.95 (0.0343) D792
Flex Modulus 23 C Mpa (kpsi) 345 (50) D790
Heat Deflection C (F) 43 (110) D648
Temperature at 0.46 Mpa
Melting Point C (F) 94 (201) (DSC)
Co-efficient of Thermal 105 cm/cm C 10-15 (0.10-0.15) D696
Expansion (-20C to (mil/in C)
Construction Materials-Sealants
XIAMETER alkoxy sealants are one-part, room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV)
silicone sealants.
Features And Benefits
Ready-to-use, one-component sealant
Can be used in geographic regions where use of oxime sealants is restricted
Low odor
Typical Uses
General purpose sealing and bonding
Weather sealing
Space-filling rubber adhesive
Caulking and sealing window and door frames, siding
Condensation cure occurs at room temperature upon exposure to moisture in air
Alkoxy cure chemistry produces a neutral byproduct, typically an alkyl or
methyl alcohol
Construction Materials-Insulation Material
Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation is a flexible, elastomeric thermal insulation, black
in color.

Uses :
It was used to retard heat gain and control condensation drip from chilled water and
refrigeration systems.
It efficiently reduced heat flow on hot systems.

Applications :

It is was particularly adaptable for insulating

ductwork, large piping and fittings
curved and irregular surfaces
all types of fitting cover
Benefits of using Self Compacting Concrete in Complex Structures.

Usage and importance of admixtures as Modern Construction Chemicals.

Use of alternative raw-materials and their advantages.

Importance and usage of Composite Structures in high-rises.

Role of advanced building Facade.

Recycled Steel can be used as an alternative.

Eco-SCC is greener alternative to conventional self compacting concrete.

Use of nano-technology (CNT reinforced glass) in Faade.

Composite rebar (FRP) also is useful in weight sensitive were soils have poor load
bearing properties, in seismically active zones or environmentally sensitive areas.
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