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Dosen Pembimbing :
Dr. Dra. Roswita Silalahi, Dip Tesol, Mhum

Penyusun :
Iftri Mellani Khair
Lesson 1
a. Read the first part of the consultation and write the question you think
Dr. Murray ask his patien

Miss Moreno: Good morning, Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray: Good Morning, Lucia. Are you a student?

Miss Moreno: Yes, Im still at college. Im doing my Masters now. Almost finished, thank

Dr. Murray: Hope you will pass well, Lucia. So, what can we help you today?

Miss Moreno: Well, doctor, I have this earache. I tried to play down at first but it started to
get really painful. Now, I cant put up with it any more. I put it down to cold weather but it
just wont go away, I I decided to stop by and see you.
Dr. Murray: When did the earche begin?

Miss Moreno: Oh, Im not sure exactly. Maybe about two months ago. I put off coming
because I hoped it might go away.

Dr. Murray: Does your ears feel pain all the time?

Miss Moreno: Well, its there pretty much all the time. Its really hard to study when its
hurting all the time.

Dr. Murray: What kind of pain do you feel? Is it dull ache or sharp ache?

Miss Moreno: Well, its sort of like a dull ache.

Dr. Murray: I will give you contraceotive oral for you, but you might feel uncomfortable
for a while, is it okay? And, is the pain make you hard to sleep at night, Miss Moreno?

Miss Moreno: No, thats one good thing. I can sleep at night. But
Lesson 2
a. Number the boxes to put the text in order

1 Otalgia presents a formidable diagnostic challage for the physician.

Otalgia menghadirkan tantangan diagnostik yang hebat bagi para dokter.
2 This is because many nerves that supply the ear also have distributions in other parts of the head, as well as
the neck and thorax.
Ini karena banyak saraf yang ada ditelinga juga mempunyai peran di bagian lain dikepala, serta seperti leher
dan dada.
3 Therefore, disorder in these area can refer pain to the ear and present as Otalgia.
Karena itu, kelainan di arena tersebut dapat menyebabkan rasa sakit di telinga dan sebut sebagai Otalgia
Hence, the list of possible causes of Otalgia is legthy.
Oleh karena itu, daftar kemungkinan penyebab Otalgia panjang
In addition, there is a strong association between otalgia and cancer (as high as 19%), so the physician must
approach cases of otalgia with thoroughness and concern.
Selain itu, ada hubungan yang kuat antara Otalgia dan kanker (sebanyak 19%), sehingga para dokter harus
mendekati kasus Otalgia dengan penelitian dan perhatian.
Consequently, a detailed history is necessary. Spesial attention must be paid to the examination of the patient.
A6 complete physical examination of the head, neck, and thorax is mandatory and many cases require further
special investigation, including imaging, blood testing, etc.
Karenanya, detail itu sangat dibutuhkan. Perhatian khusus harus diberikan saat pemeriksaan pasien.
Pemeriksaat fisik lengkap pada kepala, leher dan dada adalah wajib dan banyak kasus memerlukan
pemeriksaan khuss dan lebih lanjut, termasuk pengambilan gambar, test darah, dan sebagainya
C. Using the information in the dental notes, fill in the blanks in Dr. Hoffers letter

Dear Doctor Murray

In reply to your letter, dated May 19, thank you for referring the patient Lucia Moreno.
In general, patient has poor oral (1) hygiene but her teeth are well conserved with no evidence of caries. As you
noted, she has an (2) erupted lower right 3rd molar with associated pericoronitis. (3) TMJ relevealed that the
lower left wisdom tooth is also impacted. I would (4) advise removal of both these teeth as they could be the
possible couse of the Otalgia.
As you noted in your letter, the (5) temperomandibular joint does indeed have a small click. I noted that the
patient can only (6) open her mouth approximately 30mm, which is also indicative of TMJ dyfunction.
Radiographs relevaled that there is no internal pathology of the joint. I prefer to treat TMJ dysfunction as
conservatively as possible and I would therefore recommend that the patien prescribed NSAIDs and
benzodiazepinesd as the first line of treatment.
On (7) the term of the soft tissues, I noted that the patient also has a small painless erythematous lession on the
right floor og the mouth. One has to be suspicious of any lesion like this and I would suggest that an excision
biopsy* be performed at the same time as the third molars* are (8) erupted .

In reference to our phone call today, I will be happy to arrange for treatment.

Your sincerely,

David Hoffer