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Practical Research 2

CHAPTER 1- Nature and

Inquiry of Research
What is Research?
Etymologically the word is
derived from the French word
recherche which means to travel
through or to survey. UNESCO(1962)
defined research as the orderly
investigation of a subject matter for
the purpose of adding to knowledge.
Inquiry vis a vis Research
Inquiry is a term that is
synonymous with the word
investigation. Similarly, research
makes you learn something through
inquiry. Both inquiry and research
encourage you to formulate questions
about the object of your curiosity.
Inquiry vis a vis Research
Although the core word for both
inquiry and research is investigation
or questioning, they are not the same
in all aspect. As research includes
more complex acts of investigation
than inquiry because it follows a
scientific procedure in discovering
truths and meanings in this world.
Inquiry vis a vis Research
1. A person wants to know the
occupant of one condominium
2. A students wants tow the
medicinal effects of guava leaves
3. Mr. Cruz wants to know the
technique to make his electric fan
function instantly
Inquiry vis a vis Research
4. Professor Gomez wants to discover
the impact of social networking on his
students learning abilities
5. Aling Rosa wants to know the
reason behind the decrease sales of
the day
Inquiry vis a vis Research
6. A businessman wants to find out
which these two marketing strategies:
free tasting and attractive packaging,
could increase daily sales
7. A census agent who wants to
determine the number of family
heads in a barangay
Inquiry vis a vis Research
8. A teacher who wants determine
the perception of students and
parents on the implementation of
Senior High School Program
Research Method
a. State your problem (in interrogative
b. Formulate 4 sub-problems (in
interrogative sentences)
Aims of Research
Produce new knowledge or
Utilize the new knowledge
Validate existing knowledge
Improve the
Types of Research
Based on Application of
the Research Method
1. Pure
2. Applied
Types of Research
Based on Purpose of the Research
1. descriptive
2. correlational
3. explanatory
4. exploratory
5. action
Types of Research
Descriptive Research
A verbal portrayal of the topic
Correlational Research
Shows relationship of two
Types of Research
Explanatory Research
Explains not just the reasons
behind relationship of two
factors, bur also the ways by
which such relationships exists.
Types of Research
Exploratory Research
Its purpose is to find out how reasonable
or possible it is to conduct a research study
Action Research
It studies an ongoing practice of an
organization for purpose of obtaining
results that will bring improvement in the
Types of Research
Based on the types of data
1. Qualitative
2. Quantitative
Types of Research
Qualitative Research
-describes phenomenon in
words instead of numbers on
measures. Conditions are
studied in their natural setting
Types of Research
Quantitative Research
-is done to determine
relationships, effects and
causes. It places high value on
outcomes and products which
can be measured objectively.