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Extraction of Water from Air

Sarah Watson
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Texas at Austin
Major Concepts

Water: 3% by mass of air

4% by volume
Absolute humidity
Relative humidity
Method 1: Direct Extraction

Air pumped into a

chiller where
sensible heat is
Air lowered to dew
point and water
Method 2: Desiccant

Create vapor pressure

Attract water molecules
Liquid or Solid
Method 3: Convection

Transfer of heat by the circulation or

movement of the heated parts of a liquid
or gas
Very tall
towers are
Power Sources
Daily capacity (L/day)=
Airflow (m^3/s) x 86400s/day x absolute humidity
(g/m^3)X 1/1000 L/g x
__amount of water extracted per unit time_______
Total moisture content of air processed per unit time
Method Capacity (L/day)
reverse osmosis desalination 284,000-45,000,000
cooled surface atmospheric
extraction 5,860,000
solid desiccant extraction 100,000,000
liquid desiccant extraction 1,700,000
convection-based extraction 31,000,000
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