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Starter: Draw a single line across your page.

Turn this into a

timeline of your day so far. What choices have you made, what
actions have you taken so far today?

Al-Qadr (Predestination)
Knowledge and understanding of the nature
and importance of predestination (al-Qadr)
for Muslims.
Knowledge and understanding of how al-Qadr
and human freedom relates to the Day of
Key Questions
Do you have control
in your life?

What or who
influences the
decisions you make?

Are you free?

The idea that God knows or determines
everything that will happen in the universe.

Do Muslims believe that all of our decisions are

already mapped out for us (predestination)?

Predestination is a Shia Islam focuses

popular idea in on idea that Allah
Sunni Islam. knows what we will
Emphasis on Allahs do, rather than
all-powerful nature. forcing us to do it.
Tough Choice?
Al-Qadr: Explanation 1
A parent will often know what
choice their child will make in a
given situation.

This doesnt mean their child

doesnt have a choice. The parent
simply knows them so well that
their choice is easy to predict.

Muslims believe that Allah knows us

better than we know ourselves and
therefore knows what we will do in
all situations.
Al-Qadr: Explanation 2
Imagine you travelled forward in time
and could see all the things that
happen in your future. When you go
back to the present with this
knowledge, does that mean you are no
longer making your own free choices?

Allah is the creator of time. For Allah

there is no past present and future.
God knows what will happen at all
times because he is outside time.
This doesnt mean that we arent still
making our own choices, just that God
is bigger than time (transcendent).
In the Quran
9:51 Only what God has decreed
will happen to us.

3:145 Nor can a soul die except

by Allahs leave, the term being
fixed as by writing.
Write down these two quotes
and explain how they link to
13:11 God does not change the the concept of al-Qadr.
condition of a people unless they Go further
change what is in themselves. Explain what the third quote
suggests about human
Human Freedom or the
Supremacy of Gods Will?
The supremacy of Gods will is one
of the six articles of faith in Sunni
Many Muslims believe that God is
omnipotent and omniscient, that
He is in charge of our lives.
However, this does not mean that
we dont have human freedom.
We are still held responsible for
our actions, we still choose to
behave in the way that we do.
The Day of Judgement
Another of the six articles of faith in Sunni
Islam is the Day of Judgement.
Muslims believe that a day will come when
all people will be judged on their actions in
life. God will decide (with the help of the
information provided by the angels)
whether people will be sent to heaven or
hell as a result of their choices in life.
The supremacy of Gods will is not an
excuse for making bad choices in life, and
does not take away human freedom to act
in whichever way they choose.
Explain two reasons why al-Qadr may be important for Muslims.
You must refer to scripture (quote in your answer)

E.g. Quran
Point 1 Explain

E.g. Quran
Point 2 Explain
Explain two reasons why al-Qadr
may be important for Muslims.
(5 Marks)
Predestination means that
humans have no freedom.

You must include these keywords:

Predestination, al-Qadr, choices, human freedom, Day of Judgement

You must include at least one quote from the Quran.