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Common Core

By: Maddy Bergstrom,
Ally Irwin,
& Emily Sands
What are they?

O General standards that need to be met by

the end of each grade
O Math and English based
O Experts and teachers across the country.
O Launched in 2009
O Designed to ensure that students are
prepared for entry level careers, freshmen
level college, and work training force.
O Develop critical thinking
O Problem solving and analytical skills

Standardized requirements
-Teachers able to measure their students
development throughout the year.
Developmental Process
College and career readiness
Adresses what students are expected to know
and understand by high school graduation

K-12 standards
Expectations for elementary through high school
O In the second grade, students are expected to
-Make sense and persevere in solving
-Use appropriate tool strategy

Similar standards can be found for each grade in

math and English.
O Do you agree with the common core
O How might this effect ELLs in a traditional