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Workday Integration Course Content

1. Calculated Fields
2. EIB
3. Core connectors
4. Studio
Calculated Fields
Calculated Fields Demo
Calculated Fields Tasks and Reports
Activity 1A: How can you see existing calculated fields in the
Activity 1B: Copy a custom report to use for testing calculated
Creating a calculated filed
Activity 2 Format Date
Activity 3 Date Difference and Increment or Decrement Date
Activity 4 Build Date
Activity 5 True/False Condition
Activity 6 Convert Currency
Creating logical calculated fields
Activity 7 Evaluate Expression
Activity 8 View Calculation Hierarchy and Where used
information about your calculation fields
Lookup Range Band
Lookup Date Rollup
Working with Text function Types
working with related business objects
Lookup Related value
Extract single instance
Extract Multiple Instance
Lookup value as of date
Change Detection
Prompt for value
Authentic Calculation
System wide vs Report Specific calculated fields
Count related instances
Sum related instances
Aggregate related Instances
Lookup organization roles
Lookup Organization
Lookup Hierarchy Rollup and Lookup Hierarchy
Lookup Translated value
Design and Implementation Considerations

EIB overview
a. overview of EIB
b. EIB design Pattern
c. EIB Limitations
d. Security to Launch Integrations
Inbound EIB
Verifying data from Inbound Load
Loading bulk data into Workday using EIB
Spread sheet Templates
Create Inbound Integration System
View Template model
Integration Ids
Business Process guidelines
Configure and Launch Integration system
BP Status
Edit an Integration Attachment
Maintain reference IDs
Generate spreadsheet templates
Populating Generated templates
Customize Template Model
Generate Spreadsheet template with data
Inbound EIBs for Import web services
Integration Error handling

Outbound EIB
Creating and launching an outbound EIB Integration
Integration scheduling
Launching an EIB based integration through business process
Custom report Transformation
Custom XSLT
EIB and Custom XSLT and Workday Webservices(WWS)
Simple types vs Business objects
Workday Report XML
XML elements and Tags
Importing an XML File and XSLT using EIB
Workday Public web services
Call workday web services from EIB
Custom Transactions and Web services
EIB Features
Core Connectors
Integration architecture Overview
Workday Connectors
Integration system Templates
Core connector: Worker
Integration System Services
Integration system Integration filed attributes
Integration system Field Overrides
Integration Attributes
Integration sequence generators
Launching an Integration system
Change Detection
Transaction Log
Integration Business Process
Core connector: Organization Inbound
Integration system Security
Reports as a Service
Document Retrieval Service
Document Transformation Integration System
Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting
Studio Overview
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Mail: info@spiritsofts.com

India: +91 - 970 442 9989

+91 - 789 304 0005

USA: +1 - 872 588 4943