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MAAG Gear Box

Jan. 2012
Eng. Essam
(1) Raw Mill Table Lifting
1-Put the raw mill grinding rollers in up position.
2-Weld 4 bars as safety to keep 4 rollers up.
3-Remove part of scrapper casing.
4-Remove one of 4 Scrapper blades.
5-Remove (12) Bolts which fix the table with gear
box(each bolt has 16 small bolts).
6-By using(3x100 tons)Hydraulic Jacks we can lift the
grinding table.
7-After table lifting Install 4 steel bars & 4 wood
supports(cribbing) to lift it Before release 3 hydraulic
Safety guards to keep rollers up

o f4 d
ne l de
O we
fety rs
Sa ba
Part of scrapper casing removing
Part of scrapper casing Lifting
After removing part of scrapper casing And one
blade, we can drag GB
Remove (12) Bolts which fix the table with gear
box (each bolt has 16 small bolts)
Remove (16) small Bolts which around big bolts
3 Hyd. Cylinders for table

By using 3x100 tons Hydraulic Jacks we
can lift the grinding table
3 x100 ton

1 3

Table Lifting

Support Cribbing
(4 places) Wood
(4 places)
After table lifting, Install 4 bars
Before release hydraulic cylinders

One 0f 4
One 0f 4
(2)(2)Gear Box Dragging out
Gear Box Dragging Out
1-Remove(4) guide pins at gear box base.
2-Remove all gear box supporting bolts(12 bolts).
3-By using (4)Hydraulic Jacks(50 ton each) we can lift
the Gear box about 30 mm.
4-Insert (4) round bars(25 mm ) under gear box &
drags it by (2) chain lifters.
Gear box supporting bolts (12 Bolts )
4 Hydraulic Jacks for lift the Gear box

Hole for One of 4

guide pins
30 mm

Gear box dragging out
Gear box dragging
Base plate under gear box
Gear Box after Complete dragging
(3)(2)Raw Mill Table Bottom
Gear Box Dragging Out
After complete gear box dragging, we can see the
table bottom included the following:
* 2 big pins for torque transmission between gear
box & table.
* 3 Threaded sleeves which connected with the 3
hydraulic cylinders during table lifting.
Table Bottom after drag the gear box
Table & gear box connected by 12 Bolts &
2 big pins

One 0f 2
big Pins
One 0f 2
big Pins
One of (3)
Sleeves for Fix
hyd. cylinders
(4) Output flange(gear box
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out top)
1- Remove small disc which covered out put flange
bolts & pins.
2- Remove O-Ring(8 mm ).
3- Dismantle(10) bolts & (10) pins.
4- Erect(4) jack bolts to separate out put flange.
5- By using (4) wires, lift the out put flange(15 ton
6- Turn off the out put flange, remove scratches &
polish it by fine sand paper.
Small disc which covered out put flange bolts &

O-Ring under small disc

O-Ring with
8 mm
Out put flange bolts & pins

One of 10
One of 10 bolts
Remove (10)bolts

Remove (10)pins

Pins holes

Threaded hole
To remove pin
One of 10 pins with O-Ring

with 8
Erect(4) jack bolts to separate out put flange

e o f (4)
ck B o lts
Output Flange lifting(by 4 wires)
Output Flange removing
Output Flange
Output Flange before turn off
Remove Scratches from Output Flange &
polish it by sand paper
(5) Thrust pads(12 pads)
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1-Remove all bolts for second stage supporting.
2-Erect 4 jack bolts to separate second stage casing
about 5 mm.
3-Lift the secondary stage (without out put flange)
about 45 ton weight.
4-Under out put flange, we can see (12) thrust pads
which lifting the table through oil film.
5- Lift all thrust pads one by one to the ground.
6- Check all pads & remove scratches by scrapping tool.
7- Flush the high pressure oil path by compressed air.
before lifting, use 4 jack bolts to separate both
parts about 5 mm

ac k
) J
f( s
e o t
On Bol
12 Thrust pads under output flange
Thrust pads lifting to the ground.
Thrust pad included oil pipe & high pressure oil
hole to generate oil film

White metal
(4 mm thick.)
HP oil

HP oil pipe
Labyrinth with felt seal ring
(5 mm thickness)


Felt Seal
(5 mm)
Thrust pad Holding bolt
Thrust pad handling

One of 3

Thrust pad Bottom View

Thrust Sleeve
Pad under
Holder Pad
Tilting sleeve under thrust pad
Thrust pad Scrapping
Scrapping Tool
Oil stone for
Scrapping Tool
tool sharpening
Before Scrapping After Scrapping
(6) Planetary stage(second stage)
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1-Lift the thrust pads casing.
2-Under this casing we can see the planetary stage
top & upper central bearing.
3-Dismantle the central bearing 2 halfs.
4-Remove the central bearing scratch by scrapping.
5-Remove the shaft scratch(use sand paper for
6-Bottom view: we can see the 3 gears & space of
the sun gear.
Thrust pads casing lifting
Thrust pads casing

Oil path Bearing oil
Second Stage top


One of 3
Remove 2 plates which fix central bearing
Upper Central Bearing(2 halfs)

oil hole
Upper Central Bearing Shaft
Upper Central Bearing Scrapping
Upper Central Bearing Scrapping
Before Scrapping After Scrapping
Upper Central Bearing Shaft Polishing
Upper central bearing shaft polishing

Before After
Sun gear position & 3 gears
(Bottom view)
Planet Carrier & gears

One of 3 planet gears

(7) Assembly after maintenance
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1-Assemble upper central bearing(lift first half, second half,
apply oil by hand at them & shaft, push both halfs
carefully until assemble the 2 guide pins, we can tight
bolts-must be use lock tight 243 for bolts thread).
2-Lift the thrust pads casing(clean &apply oil at central
bearing place).
3-Tight all bolts with tighten torque(800 Nm).
4-Erect 2 steel plates which fix the central bearing.
5-Assemble thrust pads one by one
6-Make sure all thrust pads can move around axes.
7-Erect high pressure pipe for all pads(one by one).
Central bearing first half lifting
Central bearing first half erected

One of 2
2 halfs assembly
2 halfs adjusting

2 halfs adjusting in right position
2 halfs adjusting in right position

2 Bolts
each side
Thrust pads casing lifting

Clean &
apply oil
Thrust pads casing in position
Thrust pads casing bolts tighten
Bolts tighten completed
(torque 800 Nm)
Erect 2 steel plates to fix central bearing

One of 2
Tight 2 steel plates
Assemble thrust pad parts (3 steps)
Pad Base Tilting sleeve

1 2

Thrust pad bottom view

One thrust pad in position
High pressure oil pipe erected

HP Oil Pipe
Thrust pads continue assembly
Make sure all pads can oscillated around axes (by
(8) (2)
Out put flange assembly
Gear Box Dragging Out
1-Apply oil over all thrust pads.
2-Lift out put flange(about 15 ton weight).
3-Assemble out put flange carefully.
4-Erect the 2 pins has numbers 1 & 2.
5-Continue erect all pins.
6- Bolts assembly(use lock tight 243 on bolts thread).
7-Tight all bolts by hydraulic Torque wrench
(3500 Nm).
Apply oil over all thrust pads
Output Flange lifting
Output Flange Assembly (Adjusting)
Output Flange Assembly (Adjusting)
Erect all pins

One of
10 pins
Bolts tightening

Lock tight 243 on bolt thread Clean & tight bolts

Hydraulic Torque wrench(3500 Nm)
(9) Bevel Gear Stage dismantling
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1-After lifting secondary stage,we can see sun gear &
bevel stage.
2-Lift sun gear out of casing to work shop.
3-Lift toothed coupling.
4-Remove all bolts for bevel gear cover.
5-Lift bevel gear cover.
6-Lift bevel gear included upper & lower bearings.

Oil tion
Lub Pipe

Sun Gear
Toothed coupling lifting
Toothed Coupling(between bevel gear
& Sun Gear)
Bevel Gear Cover Dismantling
Bevel Gear & Upper Bearing
Bevel Gear Lifting out of Casing
Bevel Gear Empty Casing
(10) High speed shaft assembly
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1- Repair bearing casing(fabricate metal jacket to
replacement the damaged part).
2- Install (8) pressure springs to adjust thrust bearing
clearance & shaft axial movement.
3- install (3) high speed shaft bearings: SKF
4- Install high speed shaft inside casing & adjusting.
High Speed Shaft Casing after repairing

One of 8 Holes
for pressure
Install (8) Pressure Springs

One of 8
Install thrust bearing Outer race over springs

outer race
High speed shaft (Pinion) after install one
radial bearing & thrust bearing


Radial bearing
Install high speed Shaft bearings casing
Install (3) threaded bars to adjust axial

One of 3
Axial clearance Adjusting
Second Radial bearing Place
Install Second Radial bearing
Install Bearing lock nut

Bearing lock nut
1 22352CC/C3/W33 29352E
3 23144CC/C3/W33

3 High speed Shaft 2 1

Install Bevel gear Bearings
Gear Box Dragging Out
1- By using oil heater tank will heating up the
bearing up to 140C.
2- Install one of two bearings.
3- Turn off the bevel gear.
4- Install the other bearing.
5- Upper bearing(23988 CAC/W33).
6- Lower bearing(24084 ECA/W33).
Bevel gear upper Bearing after heating up
Install Bevel gear upper Bearing
Upper Bearing installed(23988 CAC/W33)
Lower Bearing place
Lower Bearing installed(24084 ECA/W33)
(12) Bevel Stage Assembly (Work shop)
(2) Gear Box Dragging Out
1- Lift bevel gear & erect it inside casing.
2- Install high speed shaft.
3- Install bevel gear cover.
4- Adjust clearance & backlash between
pinion and bevel gear.
Bevel gear lifting
Install Bevel gear inside casing
Bevel gear lower bearing
High speed shaft lifting
High speed shaft assembly
Pinion in position
Bevel Stage Assembly
Bevel gear cover installation
Gears adjusting(clearance & backlash)
Gears adjusting(clearance & backlash)

Ball, bolt &

nut to push
the pinion
Gears backlash adjusting(by dial gauges)
Use Paint marker & rotate to check gears
Bevel gear seat adjusting
Bevel gear seat adjusting

One of 4
bars to move
the disc
Bevel gear seat adjusting
(Surface machining)

0.33 mm Remove
1 mm
Spacer 2 halfs which used for backlash

(2 Halfs)

Final thickness
(11.43 mm)
Spacer 2 halfs

Backlash & clearance adjusting: measure backlash, add
axial shims, move bevel base up & down, measure again
up to reach accepted reading (backlash = 0.42 : 0.49 mm)

Backlash Down Axial Shims )%( Gear mesh

mm 0.7 mm 0.5 mm 0.7 of tooth % 35

mm 0.43 mm 0.7 mm 0.7 % 43

mm 0.42 mm 0.7 mm 0.5 % 45

(13) Bevel Stage Assembly inside gear box
(2) Gear Box (in Dragging
site) Out
1- Clean gear box casing.
2- Lift the complete stage by crane.
3- Install it carefully inside gear box casing.
4- Tight all bolts with torque wrench.
5- Assemble toothed coupling.
6- Assemble sun gear.
Clean gear box casing
Bevel stage Complete lifting
Bevel stage Complete installed
Apply lock tight 243 on bolts thread
Install (4) plates around bevel gear upper
Toothed Coupling lifting
Toothed Coupling lifting to Installing
Toothed Coupling in place
Sun gear lifting
Sun gear installing
Sun gear adjusting place
Sun gear in position

Sun gear

(14) Second Stage Assembly
(2) Gear Box Dragging
(Planetary Stage) Out
1-Lift the complete stage by crane(about 60 ton
2-Install it carefully inside gear box casing
(over bevel stage &sun gear).
3-by moving the high speed shaft by hand,
can adjust sun gear & planetary gear
4-Tight all bolts with torque wrench(4100 Nm).
Complete Planetary stage lifting
Complete Planetary stage lifting
Planetary stage assemble
Planetary stage position adjusting
Planetary stage final position
Planetary stage bolts tighten
Planetary stage bolts tighten by torque
wrench(4100 Nm)
(15) Gear box dragging under table
1-Gear box dragging over (4) round bars(25 mm )
& drag by (2) chain lifters.
2-Adjust gear box position by erect(4)base pins.
3-Assemble(12)base bolts.
4-Erect all oil hoses.
Gear box dragging over (4) round bars (25 mm
) & drag by 2 chain lifters
Gear box dragging (top view)
One of 4 bars
(25 mm )
Erect 4 base guide pins

One of 4
One of 4
Guide pins
Guide pins
Assemble base bolts(12 bolts)

One of 12
base bolts
(16) Down the table over gear box
1-Erect 3 hydraulic cylinders to lift the table instead of bars &
wooden supports.
2-Remove 4 supporting bars &cribbing wood.
3-Release cylinders pressure carefully for down the
table(must be adjust 2 pins position).
4-Remove 3 hydraulic cylinders.
5-Assemble table bolts & tighten with torque wrench(as
shown in the table).
6-Erect the mill scrapper blade & housing.
7-Tight all bolts of gear box base by torque wrench(5000 Nm).
8-Remove(4) Safety guard bars before down mill rollers.
Erect 3 hydraulic cylinders to lift the table
Adjust 2 pins position(between table bottom &
gear box top)
Table bottom pins Gear box top

Must be adjusted
In position carefully
Assemble table bolts
Assemble table bolts
(each bolt has 16 small bolts)
Table bolt cross section
Table bolts torque table
Erect the mill scrapper blade & housing

Scrapper housing

Assemble mill scrapper housing & bolt tighten
(17)Assemble Coupling & align it
1-Erect motor half coupling(by heating).
2-Lift the motor to the base.
3-Erect gear box shaft half coupling(by heating).
4-Erect rubber coupling elements(32 Pcs.) as shown
in the procedure.
5-Adjust coupling internal clearance to(7.5 mm).
6-Align 2 coupling halfs(radial & axial).
Motor lifting after erect half coupling

Rubber elements erection procedure

1 2 3

4 5 6
Rubber element
erect here

(32 pcs.)
Coupling (2 halfs)

Motor R.Mill
side side
Coupling alignment
Coupling alignment final reading(mm)

0 0

-0.53 R -0.27 -0.39 A -0.15

-0.84 -0.59
Raw mill ready to
running & check.