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Group - C
1. Sunita Khatiwada

2. Pooja Acharya

3. Gyalmu Lama

4. Rohit Maharjan

5. Shekhar Raut

6. Ghaurav Shahi
Women entrepreneurs is defined as a woman or group of
women who initiate, organize and run a business enterprise .

Women entrepreneurship is the process where women

organise all the factors of production, undertake risks, and
provide employment to others.
Women entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship by women
mainly directed towards economic independence and
individual empowerment.
According to J. Schumpeter Women entrepreneurs are
women, who innovate, imitate or adopt a business activity.
Introduction of Entrepreneurship

Name : Sani Kanchi Rai(Tamang)

Permanent address : Dharan
Temporary address : Chabahil, Kathmandu
She gives training to other women too.
Introduction to Enterprise
Name : Ayush Tailors And Fanshi Shops.
At first , it was established with capital of Rs.1,50,000
Now she earns yearly Rs.5,00,000.She is Satisfy with her Earning.
It was started 8 years ago
But established at Chabahil Chowk after 4 years ago and
running till now.
But it was registered in 2073/12/03
She select this business because of her Interest and low
investment for the business.
Easily registered due to help of friends at registration office. she
get 25% discount on tax too
Family status and support
In her family she is only one who is illiterate so she
choose this business and she is happy with her
In her family her all family member support for her
business and especially her husband support and look
the account of the enterprise.
In her family there are 6 member so her and her
husband income is enough for there family run.
She is satisfy with her income and all member are happy
with her enterprise work.
Problems in this Entrepreneurship

In this entrepreneurship there is more risk.

Mainly, In this entrepreneurship its very difficulty to
satisfied the customer.
It hampers the physical health like eye problem etc.
Main problem she faced is the dust from road and smokes
coming out from the vehicles which damage the clothes.
Seasonal change also the main problem.
She earns yearly Rs.5,00,000.
She gives training for 40 peoples.
Basics training : Rs.400
Special training : Rs.1000
She contribute 25% tax to government.
Rent of enterprise and repairs and
maintenance cost.
For the purchase of latest instrument for her
Special thanks to :
Mr. Santosh Timalsina
Miss. Sani Kanchi Rai( Tamang)
Group C members