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Ruvimbo Makonyonga

Jomc 303.001

Abstract Methodology Results

Using the in-depth interview method I was able to collect data from three North Carolina Agricultural and The method used to conduct this research was the in-depth interview method. In-depth interview is when
Technical State University students. The data collected answered questions regarding social media benefits the researcher conducts small interviews with a small number of individuals to explore their thoughts on Resourceful Comical Networking
and dependency. The purpose of this study was to see how big of an influence and impact social media has different topics.
on college students. Help Funny Friends
For this research I interviewed three students and asked them the same questions individually about the World Socialize Employers
The research was conducted on a one-on one interview style. The three students had different reasons for social media network, Twitter. News Entertaining Build
why they access social media, but they all had similar reasons on how the social media benefits them.
The questions that were asked were:
The data suggested that college students are extremely dependent on their social media. 1. How has Twitter been a benefit to you? From the results of the first question three themes emerged. Those themes were:
2. What are some problems twitter has caused for you? resourceful, comical, and networking.
For my research I used the social network Twitter. 3. What does it feel like when you can no longer access social media?
After the interview process, I then put all of their answers on a word document and began to code each
answer finding like terms and then from the like terms I was able to find the themes for my research. time

For the second question one theme emerged which was distraction from the like codes
time, affect, and class.

Entertainment Focused
Bored Unplugged
Introduction Less distracted
One of the things that I learned while conducting this research is that most college students use their twitter
app as a way to stay up to date with what is going on in the world and for networking purposes. We live in
a time where technology is more advanced than ever and individuals are having access to this technology at For the third question two themes emerged which were entertainment and focused.
younger ages causing them to be a lot more dependent on social media for everything.

While conducting my research on Twitter I got to hear different arguments about how social media is good Discussions/ Conclusions
for you and how it can be bad for you.

Twitter is an online news and networking site that allows its users to interact with one another by posting Overall, I learned a lot about each one of the students I interviewed. They all had their different reasons on
messages called tweets. why they used social media but they also had a lot of similarities when it came to the rest of their answers.
When an individual uses this app for networking purposes, they can count it towards empowerment hours
and when they use it so just socialize they can use it for leisure hrs. time. Its fascinating how one app can
be used for so many different things.